The Maurices Refund Debacle | Vlog

Hey, friends. I am really, really annoyed today. Continue reading The Maurices Refund Debacle | Vlog


Dream Journal 1/9/17 | Fast Food

Kyle and I walked into a large, fancy fast food restaurant. It was a mashup of McDonald’s, Burger King, and Arby’s. Continue reading Dream Journal 1/9/17 | Fast Food

Little Milestones | 3 Years Old

24131116_10210594156149602_8596418702847425750_nHello, friends! I can’t believe that it is already time to make another post like this one. It feels like just a few months ago, I was typing up all of his little details forĀ Little Milestones | 2 Years Old, and talking about all of the wonderful things that make my little guy so unique and special, but it was actually nearly a year ago that it went up. Continue reading Little Milestones | 3 Years Old

I Made A Game!

Hello, friends! Lots of fun things have been happening in my life lately, and by “fun things“, I mean that my life has been filled with never ending chaos and disappointment lately, and I needed some sort of distraction. Continue reading I Made A Game!