Take A Walk With Jan

Hello, friends! I took a nice walk around the park today with Li, since it happened to be absolutely gorgeous outside, and I decided to sit down, now that he is asleep, and tell you guys about a few things that I encountered while out on our adventure. Some are negative, some are positive… well, most are negative.

Okay, all of them.


Oh, hey, tree. What happened? You okay?

In the background of that picture, you can see the new high school, which has been under construction for months and month and months. While the school itself is finished (it was finished just days before school started), the front and back parking lots are not. The front and back of the school are still blocked off, and are nothing but gravel and mud, meaning that all of the teachers, students, parents, etc. have to park on the street, on the residential side roads, or in the park/field’s parking lot up the street. Because of this massive clusterfuck, walking or driving anywhere near the school at the start of the school day, after school gets out, or whenever there is a football game (like tonight), is super dangerous.

Did I mention there are no sidewalks? Yeah. No sidewalks.

So, on top of the massive amount of cars parked on both sides of the road making it very narrow (because it is usually a no parking area), I swear, the only people who drive on these roads are teenagers, who can’t drive for shit. It is awful. No matter what time of day it is, I almost always get hit by some little shithead who is driving WAY too fast around the curves, and blaring their music. They usually shout something stupid out the window, or make an obnoxious noise. Not to mention, there is a football game going on tonight, so there were kids, teens, parents, the parents from the other team, etc. all over the road. It was awful.

You could hear ‘Bad Blood’ playing from several blocks away.

Which reminds me, if you EVER honk at someone who is walking with a stroller, for whatever reason, you are a piece of shit. This woman honked at me (and the several people around me who were walking towards the park/field area), and it pissed me off. This seems to happen to us all the time. There are NO sidewalks anywhere in this town, so we had to walk in the road. We were all hugging the curb and practically pressing ourselves against the other cars parked everywhere, she had plenty of room, but wanted to be a horrible human being. Thanks, lady.

Moving on.

We went to the park, but couldn’t really stop to rest anywhere because all FIVE of the gazebo/recreation areas were filled with people who were having barbecues or parties, and nearly all the benches scattered around the park had kids climbing on them. We ended up going to the least populated gazebo area and sitting on the opposite side of the people who were there, and sitting at one of the picnic tables so that I could give Li some Cheerios and drink some water. While we were there, a man came over and started talking to me. It could have been a nice conversation, but he ended up being a bit of a creep. Here’s the conversation.

Guy: Hey, that’s a cute little guy you have.
Me: Oh, thanks.
Guy: You guys just enjoying the weather?
Me: Yeah, it’s gorgeous out, so we decided to go for a walk.
Guy: Oh, yeah, it’s good to stay in shape. That’s good.
Me: Yeah…
*awkward silence where the guy stared at me for 30 seconds*
Guy: He must take after you.
Me: What?
Guy: Your kid, he’s cute, he must take after you.
Me: Oh, thank you.
Guy: You’re cute.
Me: Thanks…
Guy: Oh, your ring is pretty. Does it mean you’re married?
Me: Yes.
Guy: Damn, that’s too bad. *wink*
Me: Well we have to go, it’s almost time for dinner.
Guy: You could have a hot dog or something, we have a ton.
Me: No, thanks.

Then one of the girls who he was with started shouting at him about something and I hurried off. I’m sure he was just trying to be friendly, but it was definitely creepy. He stared too long. Thank goodness for his impatient lady friend.

As we were leaving the park, there was a woman sitting on a bench, yelling at a young toddler, probably around 18 months old, to stop playing in a puddle. She wasn’t getting up to get him though. Just yelling to him. He was ignoring her and getting soaked in the puddle, and it was only 68 degrees out at the time! I felt so bad for him. He was just having fun and getting wet, and she was yelling at him. He didn’t know what was happening.

Then we came home and ate dinner. Liam had mushed peas and black beans. I haven’t eaten since I had a few cheesy bread sticks this morning. I’m starving.

Feed me.

Thanks for reading!



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