Dream Journal 10/1/15

Future/present age.

I was walking into a large, futuristic gym, with glass ceilings and chrome everywhere. I was with my son, who was about a year old, and this girl who apparently was my best friend. She was nearly half a foot taller than me, blonde, and was ridiculously pretty. Definitely don’t know her in real life.

We walked into the gym and talked to the man at the front desk about a membership. He gave us a tour, and I dropped my son off at the in-gym daycare center, which looked like a mini amusement park, and then we went to discuss prices. Apparently, this gym was $200 a month, and I was able to afford it, so my friend and I signed up and got two free t-shirts out of it.

Then we were being walked to the CEO’s office, because she interviews all the new members. The hallway was long, dark, and resembled the halls of my deceased grandmother’s apartment complex building that she used to live in. It was drastically different than the rest of the building.

The CEO was a very attractive, older woman, and she stood to shake our hands. She was really nice and asked us about our personal lives and my son, and I noticed that over her shoulder, there was a huge wall of monitors, watching over the various sections of the massive gym complex.

She lead us out of her office and down some stairs, and then we were in a field, completely with gym equipment. The treadmills, weights, etc. were all scattered around the field, and were being used by other gym folks.

My friend took off her clothes, to reveal that she was wearing a bikini, and started running on one of the treadmills. In a bikini. I went into a small shed/cabin, which was massive on the inside, and found a huge, empty pool. I got in the pool and started doing laps.

And I swam and swam and swam.

And then I woke up.


Published by

Super Jan

I am an exceedingly average, 20-something female. Very opinionated, and slightly vulgar. I am a retired World of Warcraft player and podcaster, a Netflix binge-watcher, a YouTube addict, and stay-at-home mom to a tiny future superhero.

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