Dream Journal 1/17/16

Past (5 years ago).

My ex and I were shopping at a Rural King, on one of the days where they had the giant peanut bins set up, where you eat the peanuts, and drop your shells on the ground. As we were shopping, the peanut shells on the floor starting multiplying, and the level rose to our knees. Customers were casually wading through an ocean of peanut shells, and grabbing canoes, and other items off of the shelves, to stay above the shells.

That was it. We just walked around, shopping like normal, wading through an ocean of discarded peanut shells. I remember buying a blue scrub top, and some rain boots, and some snacks, but that was really all the dream was.

And then I woke up.

Author: Super Jan

I am an exceedingly average humanoid who is trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying to do my best.

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