Dream Journal 6/30/16

Outside the church, we found a notice taped to the door, with a schedule of all the activities happening that weekend, and the times. It was written in purple crayon.

I was young again, maybe 11 or 12 years old, and I was camping with all of my grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles, just like we did every other weekend in the summer when I was a kid. We were at a large campground, which was connected to a water park, that we had never been to before. On our first day there, my cousin, Nick, and I woke up really early, because we wanted to go to the church at the campground, and… color. So we walked to the church, but when we went inside, there was some kind of Sunday school thing happening, and a nun yelled at us to leave, and that we weren’t allowed to color until the class was over.

Outside the church, we found a notice taped to the door, with a schedule of all the activities¬†happening that weekend, and the times. It was written in purple crayon. Nick ripped it off the door, and threw it on the ground. We decided to go to the water park instead, which was conveniently located about 5 feet behind us. However, it was hardly a water park… in fact, it was just two, large, rectangular pools. Normal pools, the kind you just swim laps in. One of them did have a small slide though, so…

The pool without the slide was in the process of being drained, and there was a comically large, vacuum cleaner type machine, sucking water out of the pool. There was a group of teenage boys goofing off in the shallow water that remained, refusing to leave the pool that was being drained. Nick and I had our backs turned, and suddenly, people were screaming, and the teenage boys were gone. The huge vacuum machine was moving up and down, as though we were in some kind of Tom and Jerry cartoon, and all of the other pool-goers began panicking and banging on the machine.

Nick and I turned around, and walked back to our campers. We got to the area where all of our family lots were, and a young woman came up to Nick, and told him he needed to take care of his daughter (he is the same age as me in real life, and does have a baby girl, but in the dream, we were both kids again). He left, and I was confused. Then, Nick’s older brother, Dominic, came up to me, and asked me how my son was doing. I denied having a son, and reminded him that I was just a little girl, and he just laughed at me and walked away.

I walked to a swing set near our lot, and my mom was there, in a bathing suit, swinging. I stopped in my tracks and asked her why she was there, because she hadn’t come with us, and never goes camping. She told me it was none of my business, and she ran off, seemingly upset.

I started walking toward one of the nearby campers, where some of my other cousins were gathered…

And then I woke up.

** Note: I vaguely remember something about someone ranting about how expensive lettuce is, but I’m not sure if that was in this dream, or another dream that I can not recall… odd.


Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

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