Dream Journal 7/15/16 | Blood and Mold

He injected something into my arm, and I passed out. He was leaning over me, working on my eye, while the others watched in silence.

[Dream #1]

I was in a large warehouse style store, and I was trying to pull something off of a shelf, and a ton of random stuff fell down on top of me. A bunch of people rushed over to pull me out of the pile, and when I came out, my face was covered in blood, and one of the workers started screaming that my eye was missing. I started to panic, but discovered that my eye wasn’t missing, it was actually cracked open, like it was made of glass.

The store manager came over, and guided me to the office, where he sat me down. He brought in a bunch of other people, all dressed in white coats, and as I sat there, sobbing and covering my eye, which was bleeding profusely, he explained that he would fix it, and that there was nothing to worry about.

He injected something into my arm, and I passed out. He was leaning over me, working on my eye, while the others watched in silence.

I was awake, and the manager was walking me out of the store, telling me that there was no reason for me to press charges, or seek compensation. He put me in a car, and told the driver to take me away. I was still drowsy, but managed to peel off the gauze from my eye, and looked in the mirror. My eye was sticking out of it’s socket, and still looked like cracked glass. It was entirely dark red, like dried blood, and I couldn’t see my iris or the whites of my eye at all. I started screaming and clawing at my eye, blood covering my fingers…

And that it the last thing I remember.

[Dream #2]

Kyle, Liam, and I were moving into a new apartment. We were moving boxes into the living room, and I immediately was upset, because the apartment was disgusting. The landlord was in the room with us, and I told him that we thought the apartment would be cleaned before we moved in. He told me that the previous tenant had refused to clean before he moved out, and that he had disappeared suddenly before we were supposed to move in. As he was telling us this, people were coming in and out of the apartment, and taking the previous tenant’s old junk out for themselves.

There was one woman, who kept trying to steal our stuff, right out of the boxes, and when we stopped her, she told us that she was going to sue, because it was rightfully hers. The landlord kicked her out, and left right after.

Kyle and Liam started unpacking in the living room, and I went to look at the bathroom. The bathroom was absolutely massive, the size of a small apartment itself, and had a clawed tub, a walk-in shower, a toilet, his and hers sinks, and a bidet. There was also a brick fireplace, which was covered with old, dirty Christmas decorations. Everything in the bathroom was covered in a thick layer of grime, mold, and pure filth. I started screaming for Kyle to bring me all the cleaning supplies that we had, and to call the landlord, because this was unacceptable. It was already late at night, and I kept repeating that I was not going to let my son sleep in an apartment this filthy.

Kyle brought me every cleaning instrument and chemical that we had, and I began scrubbing every surface in the bathroom, obsessively, cursing under my breath. The landlord stood in the living room, arguing with Kyle that it wasn’t his fault that the bathroom was filthy. Liam kept trying to come into the bathroom, and Kyle had to run to get hm, before he stepped for through the doorway. While all of this was going on, the same crazy woman from before kept barging in, and trying to steal our furniture and belongings, claiming that she was the previous tenant’s friend with benefits, and he would want her to have it all. I stormed out of the filthy bathroom, rubber gloves still on, and punched her in the face, before slamming and locking the door.

The landlord kept making excuses as to why he could not help us clean, and Kyle was threatening to have the apartment inspected, and call the police, and whatnot. I kept scrubbing and scrubbing, but nothing was coming clean, and whenever I managed to get something back to it’s actual color, I turned away for a minute, and when I turned back, it was gross again. I think I was sobbing the whole time.

Frustrated and in tears, I grabbed Kyle and Liam and said we were staying in a hotel until the place was cleaned up, and told the landlord that we were suing him for every penny he had. As we left, the crazy woman from before was standing outside our door with an equally sketchy woman who was claiming to be her lawyer. We pushed by them, cursing them out, and I told her if anything was missing when we returned, I would kill her. The woman and her “lawyer” quickly ducked into a nearby apartment.

We started descending the stairs, Kyle was on the phone, talking sternly with some kind of authoritative individual. The staircase looked like an old, abandoned hotel, and the longer we were in the building, the more disgusting it looked.

We never got to the bottom of the stairs before I woke up.


Author: Super Jan

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