Dream Journal 7/21/16 | Yard Sale

City Hall was closed, and we didn’t want to bring everything back inside, so I shooed everyone away, and slept on the lawn in a tent, protecting all of our things.

I was pulling an old couch out of a large house, which was presumably mine, and dragging it to the curb. A woman asked me how much I wanted it, and I told her it was trash, and she shrugged and started dragging it away. I starting calling to her, telling her that she couldn’t just take it, but she ignored me. My mom walked out of the house behind me, and asked me what happened. I told her, and said that maybe we should have a yard sale to get rid of all of our old junk, since people apparently wanted it.

It was the next day, and I was pulling a ton of furniture out onto the lawn. There were old couches, tables, lamps, chairs, rugs, boxes of toys and other gadgets, TV sets, and shelves filled with books. I was arranging all of the shelves to look like a library, and putting decorations on the tables to make them look nice. People started flooding the yard, asking me for prices on stuff, and I was selling things for obscenely cheap. Chairs and tables were just a couple cents, the couches were a few dollars, lamps for a few cents, etc. We kept bringing more and more stuff from the house, and there were hundreds of people on our lawn, buying it all.

A police car came up, and told us that we didn’t have a permit, and we would have to stop selling until we got one. City Hall was closed, and we didn’t want to bring everything back inside, so I shooed everyone away, and slept on the lawn in a tent, protecting all of our things. It rained, and everything got wet, and I had to chase off several groups of people who were trying to steal under the cloak of darkness.

In the morning, I got a permit, and started putting up signs all around town, while my mom sat with the stuff at the house. Back at the house, there was a woman yelling at my mom about how the couch she wanted was wet, and my mom told her that if she didn’t want it she could just leave. The woman told us this was no way to run a business, and we laughed at her and told her it was a yard sale, and everything was practically free. She left in a huff, and we kept laughing.

A group of teenagers with backpacks tried to steal all the books off the shelves, trying so shove them into their bags, but I stopped them, and almost got into a fist fight with one of the girls, who was acting drunk, and didn’t know when to shut her mouth. Someone called the police, and the same officer from the day before showed up to tell the kids to take a hike. Then, the officer started hitting on my mom… they disappeared. Don’t know where.

It started getting dark, and there were women with flashlights, sitting on the grass, just reading books on my lawn. I was talking to one of them about a pet adoption event sometime that week, she was talking about a dog…

And then I woke up.


Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

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