My Last 8 Selfies

A lot of people associate selfies with vanity, or narcissism, and sometimes, maybe that’s the case… but certainly not all of the time.

Hello, friends! I was recently inspired by a very lovely mama over on the It’s A Mum’s Life 2016 blog to post my most recent, eight selfies. For those of you still living in… the age of pre-smartphones, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines a selfie as “an image of oneself taken by oneself using a digital camera especially for posting on social networks.” A lot of people associate selfies with vanity, or narcissism, and sometimes, maybe that’s the case… but certainly not all of the time.

I’ve dealt with self-esteem issues my entire life, and for a very long time, avoided cameras like the plague. That is, until I moved across the country, thousands of miles away from my friends and family. And then, life happened. I fell in love, started a family, and went on some crazy adventures. I wanted to share my happiness, my struggles, and my life, with those who could not be there to share with me in person. Whether that was going to the gym, or playing with my son at the park, or having a doctors appointment. Sure, there is definitely such a thing as too much sharing, but I don’t think I’ve ever crossed that line. In an age where everyone wants to share everything, and there is no shortage of interested parties, I don’t see the harm in posting selfies (within reason), to share with those who you want to share your life with.

Here are my eight most recent selfies, numbered in order of most recent (number 1 is the most recent), clockwise. I thought, since I never really get to post long, detailed captions on each selfie that I post, that I would give you a brief explanation of what was going on when I took the selfie, and why I chose to share it.


1) Taken just a few days ago, when my fiance, son, and I went for a walk around town while playing Pokemon GO. We’ve been having a lot of fun playing the game, and it has gotten us outside more in the last month, than we’ve been outside in… well, many months. We’ve taken more trips to local parks, gone to other towns, and have spent so much time together as a family. I took this selfie of Liam and I as we stopped for a snack break, beneath our town’s water tower. I’ve sweat more, tanned more, and have smiled more in this past month, than I have in a long time.

2) Smoothies. Smooooothies. Over the course of the last month, I’ve also been trying to get my entire, little family to eat healthier. After Kyle’s diabetes diagnosis, and my struggles with my weight and blood pressure, I decided to start cooking more, and experimenting with new foods. One thing I have really been enjoying lately, it making homemade smoothies, using a whole, wide array of frozen fruits, flax seed, and soy milk. I’ve concocted some delicious combinations, and my son loves to drink then with me. I’ve already noticed a boost in my energy, and I’ve dropped a few pounds as well, with little effort!

3) My love. The last few months have been incredibly stressful for us, and it has taken its toll on our relationship. My fiance is currently unemployed, which means we have no income coming into our household. Despite the stress over money, and his ongoing health concerns, it has been so wonderful having him home with us. We had really started to miss him, and while we do have some anxieties over what the future holds, right now, I am treasuring having my fiance, my son’s father, home with us.

4) This particular selfie was one in a handful of others, taken at the same time, when we went out to Taco Bell one night. My little guy was being particularly silly, as he sat in his big boy booster seat, and eating his chicken. His sweet, toothy smile, and how he just radiates happiness… it just makes me so happy.

5) This one is a big one for me. I know so many girls (and guys) who update their Twitter/Instagram/Facebook profile pictures daily, sometimes more frequently than that… but not me. Between my acne, frizzy hair, and weight struggles, for me, taking a selfie of JUST myself, is not something I particularly enjoy doing. First of all, I have to be having one of those exceedingly rare, good self-esteem days, and then I have to take about 75 selfies, in varied lighting, to get one picture that I am okay with. Just okay. Then, I upload it to Instagram, where I can adjust the filter, brightness, etc. Once I am comfortable with it, I set it free into the world, for everyone to see. I like this picture, so it will stay my profile picture until I have another good day. Could be next week, could be three months from now.

6) My sweet boy’s most recent doctors visit. This was taken shortly before he got his 18 month shots, after he was weighed and measured, and we were told how beautiful and healthy he is. My little boy is tall, skinny, and perfectly on track with his development, and hearing this comforts my fears and anxieties about my parenting abilities. He does so well with his doctor visits, and I am so proud of him.

7) I love to sweat. I love to walk, run, and workout. I especially love doing Zumba. This picture was taken minutes after completing my first 30 minute Zumba workout in months. No makeup, still in my pajamas, pink, and sweaty as hell. Last fall, thanks to daily Zumba and a diet change, I was able to lose 27 pounds, in just 3 months. It felt amazing. Once the weather cools down a bit more, I hope to be able to get back on track with my weight loss, and fall back into a comfortable state with myself, and my body.

8) One of our first Pokemon GO adventures as a family, a few days after the game came out. We walked to our local park, only to discover that it happens to be the ONLY park in our dang county that doesn’t have at least one PokeStop, gym, or both. So frustrating. However, it also happens to be Liam’s favorite park, so we were more than happy to spend the afternoon there, as a family. That was a beautiful day.

Thank you for reading, friends. What are your last eight selfies?



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