Small Stones 8/22/16

I blink rapidly, trying to get the stinging in my left eye to cease. Mascara. I have mascara in my eye. Mascara and soap. My son squeals loudly, before dropping his bottom into the bathtub, filled with bubbly, soapy water. Another wave splashes my face, and despite the discomfort, I smile. This is the happiest that my fussy boy has been all day, and no amount of cosmetic product in my eye can dampen that.

*Every day, throughout the month of August, I will be participating in a fun writing experiment, known as Small Stones, for #AwakeAugust. To learn more, or for more examples of Small Stones, you can click here.



Published by

Super Jan

I am an exceedingly average, 20-something female. Very opinionated, and slightly vulgar. I am a gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor and writer, survey taker, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and stay-at-home mom.

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