Dead Cars and Smashed Pizza | Vlog

Hello, friends. Here’s a vlog I filmed last night. Just to update you on the car situation I mention in the video, we did get approved for the loan on the Jeep, but we’d have to pay nearly $1700 down… which is literally more than 4 months of rent for us. So, that was a huge letdown. No car. We’re destined to bounce around from shitty car to shitty car, each lasting less than a year, because we can’t even afford a USED CAR, despite Kyle working 80 hours a week, and me taking on a babysitting gig. Fucking ridiculous.



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Super Jan

I am an exceedingly average, 20-something female. Very opinionated, and slightly vulgar. I am a retired World of Warcraft player and podcaster, a Netflix binge-watcher, a YouTube addict, and stay-at-home mom to a tiny future superhero.

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