Dream Journal 5/9/17 | Scavengers

Back on the main floor, I made my way to the back of the apartment. All of the rooms I passed seemed to be empty, but I could see a light on in the last room. The walls of the room were glass windows, and I could see a young woman sleeping in the stylish, fully furnished room.

[Hello, friends! For those of you who don’t know, my horrible neighbors from across the hall have finally moved out!

 Our landlord asked us to keep an eye on them, because they owed several months of rent, and they figured they would try to skip out on it. Well, they were right. My neighbors moved out in secret, under the cloak of darkness, during a time they knew I’d be unable to reach the landlord. But I did let them know, and they are officially gone! Finally! It has been several weeks since they moved out, and Kyle and I noticed that they left several pieces of furniture, and other items in the apartment. Our landlord has yet to come by to clean out the place, and I have been anxiously awaiting the day, so that I can get a peek, and maybe a score. I’ve been having dreams about it, you guys. I had another one last night, and it was pretty crazy. Here we go!]

I was standing in the hallway of my building, talking to our maintenance guy, Rocky. He was finally coming to clean out our neighbors apartment, and I asked him nervously if I could take a look inside to see if we wanted anything, since it would all be getting thrown out. He laughed, and told me he was more than happy to let me take a look, because otherwise he was going to have to hire an army of movers. I opened the door to the apartment across the hall, and my jaw dropped. The place was immense. And still fully furnished.

The apartment seemed to stretch on and on, and I could stairs leading both upstairs and down, even though our apartment was only one story. There were couches, chairs, tables, candles and lights, and decorative objects everywhere, making the apartment look more like a cluttered furniture store than an apartment that people lived in. Some pieces were old and damaged, while others seemed to be brand new, and high end.

I ran back into my own apartment to get Kyle, and the two of us began roaming through the vacant apartment. At one point, I turned to see Kyle heading back toward our apartment, arms filled with dining chairs, and a large mirror. I grabbed a large, colorful ottoman, and a few really cool vases filled with decorative branches and fairy lights, and moved them to our place. I let Kyle continue to grab more pieces, and decided to explore the large, mysterious apartment. I found that it had at least 6 bedrooms, as well as some smaller, completely empty rooms, that looked straight out of a horror movie. In the basement, I found a large, above ground pool, completely filled with water, as well as a bunch of tiki torches and an entire patio set, which I left, because we didn’t have room. The setup was really pretty, though.

I also discovered an attic, which was filled with nothing but brand new kids toys, furniture, and clothing. Sandboxes, swings, cars, dolls, kids furniture, bedding, and virtually everything else you can think of. I called Kyle up to the attic, and told him to grab several items, including a cool twin bed frame, some bedding, and a weird caterpillar blanket thing.

Back on the main floor, I made my way to the back of the apartment. All of the rooms I passed seemed to be empty, but I could see a light on in the last room. The walls of the room were glass windows, and I could see a young woman sleeping in the stylish, fully furnished room. I walked in and shook her shoulder, and she awake angrily, immediately demanding that I leave. I explained the situation to her, and told her that everyone was gone, and she told me that they had just been there that morning. I told her no one had come or gone from the apartment in weeks, and she became confused about what day it was. I started grabbing the decorative pillows from off the bed, and she tried to wrestle them from my arms. I told her that none of the stuff belonged to her anymore, and she got angry and stormed out.

I took the pillows, along with a pretty lamp that I found in the hallway, back to my apartment, which was now filled with various furniture and other items. Kyle was in the process of putting a large, wooden dinging table and chairs in our kitchen, and I could see the young woman from before arguing with the maintenance guy outside our window. I started rearranging some of the decorative items in our living room.

I vaguely remember going back and looking through a closet filled with women’s clothing after that.

And then I woke up.

Thanks for reading, friends!



Author: Super Jan

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