Dream Journal 6/26/17 | Gross

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I was in some sort of YMCA locker room/spa hybrid. I really had to use the bathroom, but I was really nervous, because the toilets were all side-by-side in a straight line in the middle of the room, with only short shower curtains on each side, separating them. You could see the tops of peoples’ heads/faces, as well as their feet and lower legs when they were on the toilet.

I went into the tiny toilet cubby at the furthest end, and sat down. As soon as I sat down, someone pulled back the curtain in front of me, and two women were standing in front of me, completely naked. They told me they needed to go through my toilet cubby to get to the showers, which were also in a straight line in the center of the room, and their curtain was “broken”. I tried to protest, but they climbed past me, pulled back the side curtain, and stepped into a small shower cubby directly next to me. I tried to shut the curtain behind them, but I couldn’t reach.

It was at that point that I looked down, and realized that the toilet that I was sitting on was disgusting. Really, really disgusting. I’ll spare you the details, but let’s just say, it looked like it hadn’t been cleaned (or flushed…) the entire time it was installed. I started to gag, and tried to get off the toilet, but I kept slipping and falling back onto it.

An older woman with a clipboard popped her head over the curtain behind me, and started pleasantly chatting with the other two women, who had still not closed their curtain. I tried to interrupt her to complain about the horrifying state of the toilet, but she ignored me. I kept trying to get her attention, but got no response. Finally, I smacked the clipboard out of her hands, and she started screaming at me. I interrupted her, and showed her the toilet. She blamed the mess on me, and began to radio security over her walkie. I quickly pulled my pants back up, and stumbled out of the toilet cubby.

The rest of the room was filled with a thick fog, and I could barely make out the shapes of the other women in the locker room. I could hear the sounds of walkies, and found a wall to walk along, until I found an open doorway. I turned the corner, and was in another part of the locker room, filled with lockers, and more naked women. There was also several inches of standing water on the floor, and I kept almost slipping on the tile.

I was walking toward a group of girls my age, calling one of the girls by name…

And then I woke up.


Author: Super Jan

I am an exceedingly average humanoid who is trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying to do my best.

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