Yet Another Bad Neighbor Post…

Alright, friends. I need advice. Long rant ahead.

Last night, I called the police on my upstairs neighbors for the second time this year for domestic disturbances. The first time I called the police on them was this past summer, when they had a particularly nasty, physical fight, that honestly made me fear for her safety. Well, last night, they had been shouting at each other for nearly an hour, and Liam could not sleep. They always fight in their bedroom, which is right above Liam’s room, and it often keeps him up at night, or wakes him up during naps. He kept saying to me, “Upstairs very scary, mama“. I ignored it for as long as I could, and just kept trying to comfort my toddler, hoping they would eventually work it out. After a while, I heard her scream at him, “Get out! Get the fuck out of my apartment!” Followed my more shouting and various thuds. Knowing that both of her young children were also present in the apartment (I believe they’re both her kids, and she only has them on the weekends it seems), I chose to call the police.

The police showed up, separated them, heard their stories, and then made the guy leave. That was that. Sort of. Much like when I called the police on them the first time, she took it very personally, and spent the rest of the night stomping and banging around the apartment dramatically, no doubt with the intent to “punish” us. When I called on them this summer, they did the exact same thing, as well as pounding on our door every time they walked by, and it lasted for several weeks, until I complained to the landlord.

Well, today, I went to get kiddo up from his nap, and I could hear them shouting at each other upstairs again. Apparently, he came back earlier in the day. Only this time, I could hear clear as a bell that she was now shouting about me. In between shouting about him and his behavior, she kept shouting things along the lines of, “If the bitch downstairs calls the cops on us again, it’s definitely harassment.” and “She better not keep harassing us.” She also said that all they were doing was “talking” (my numerous recordings of their arguments prove otherwise), and that he didn’t even touch her “this time“. She also called me a few other unsavory names. And my two year old heard it all, so that’s fantastic.

She also loudly complained about how I am always complaining about their noise, and pounding on the walls. It kind of amazes me that they REALLY don’t see that 1) I’m absolutely not harassing them, and 2) They are horrible, terrible neighbors, who are pissing off everyone around them with their constant fighting and noise. But, nope, we’re the bad people for not wanting to hear them screaming at each other and stomping around. I don’t know what to do about them anymore. Now, she is claiming I am “harassing” them because I called the police last night.


I am going to contact our property manager again tomorrow, and see what they say. However, in the past, when I contacted them over noise (different neighbor, very loud partiers), the woman told me there was nothing they could do about it. Which, I feel, is totally bullshit. I am sorry if these people feel “harassed” by me, or whatever, but maybe they should stop to consider WHY I keep complaining, and why I have had to call the police on them TWICE now! It’s not like I call the police because they turn the pages of a magazine too loudly, or because I can hear them having sex (which we can, by the way).

Ugh. What do you all think I should do? Have you ever dealt with crap like this from neighbors? I have dates and times written down of all the incidents, including audio recordings of their loud fights. I have mentioned all of this to the landlord twice before, and all he says is he will talk to them, but nothing changes. Now, they are getting angrier, because they know it is me who called the police, and I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Our lease isn’t up until February, and we have been searching every day for a new place to live, but do to financial setbacks, moving is going to be next to impossible, and we may be stuck here yet another year.

It’s bad enough that we have a drunk living in the duplex across the street, who often shouts and barks at both the surrounding neighbors, and the neighborhood dogs, from his porch in the middle of the night. He also starts fights with his downstairs neighbor, and the police frequently show up. We also have a wife beater in the house next door, who enjoys riding his motorcycle up and down the street at all hours of the night. I am completely surrounded by assholes!

Any advice??

Thanks for reading, friends.



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