Sunshine Award!

Hello, friends! Recently, I’ve been super busy with lots of fun projects (which you will learn about in the near future), as well as some real-life stuff (my birthday is this week!), and my own blog has taken a backseat for a little bit. Don’t worry, that will soon change, but in the meantime, I wanted to share with you this neat, little thing that happened today!

I’ve been nominated for a Sunshine Award! You may remember, some time back, I was nominated for a few other awards (clicky & clicky), and they make me so happy. It’s always nice to be recognised for, well, pretty much anything. I was nominated by my new friend, Normal Happenings, who I have been working on super secret things with for the last week or so. You should check out his blog, because he’s a fantastic writer!

Similar to past awards posts, I’ll be answering a few questions, assigned by Mr. Happenings, but this time, I won’t be asking my own, or nominating anyone, because truth be told, I really haven’t made many friends in the blogging community, and don’t want to spam anyone. Sorry!

So, here we go!


1) A new island chain suddenly forms in the south Pacific. Scientists, in the spirit of serendipity, need a name for the archipelago, so they run outside and grab the first person they see walking by. That person is you. What do you name the islands?

Fun fact about me: I am obsessed with BBC nature documentaries, and I was just watching one on the South Pacific, narrated by Benedict Cumberbatch. The South Pacific is home to some of the rarest, most incredible creatures, and they are all contained on landmasses that make up only 1% of the entire South Pacific region. It’s amazing. Anyway, I would name it ‘Nofishnomo’, because the South Pacific Ocean is also being horrifically overfished, and by the year 2040, you may not even be able to get a can of tuna from the grocery store. So, yeah.

2) Find any grocery list you’ve ever written – on a post-in note, on your phone, in the trash can. What is the third item on that list?

Saline solution, because I’m a blind person, and my lenses need need to be moist.

3) Go to any mirror – doesn’t matter if there’s people around – and look at the bottom of your tongue. What is your immediate emotional reaction?

Ew. It’s all veiny, and wet, and has that weird, little tendon thing… and that ball thing. What is that?!

4) Let’s say you could suddenly make all the cable news stations cover animals with the same intensity they covered politics – all animals all the time! Which animal would you want them to focus exclusively on?

Honestly, and this is really lame, I would want them to cover tuna, because as I mentioned before, our oceans are being overfished, and our tuna are being wiped out. It’s sad.

5) What is a random 11-letter word? I’ve already said mine – archipelago.


6) I’m still not particularly happy with my computer wallpaper. What should I change it to?

A cute animal. Maybe a panda? I’m fond of monkeys, too. Or something geometric and trippy.

7) If you could only eat breakfast foods for lunch and lunch foods for breakfast, what would be your go-to breakfast? Your go-to lunch?

Wait, what exactly is a “breakfast” food? Because I have pizza for breakfast, and waffles for dinner, all the time. I’m an adult, so I get to make those decisions! I’m really into soups though, and it’s kind of like brothy, vegetable oatmeal, without the oats… so I could do that for breakfast. And for lunch, definitely waffles. Or crepes! Crepes can be savory or sweet, and good for any meal!

8) A bedbug bite forces you to have one of these the useless superpowers.
Which of the following useless superpowers would choose and why?
– The ability to make only office supplies levitate.
– The ability to be invisible – but only inside a volcano.
– The ability to, at will, swap any picture on a billboard to a pumpkin.

Definitely the ability to make only office supplies levitate, because if you think about it, office supplies are numerous, and they are everywhere. Pens, pencils, tape, papers, paper clips, and even furniture! I’d run my own psychic scam, and tell people I could speak to the dead, or something of that nature, and when I ask for them to “show me a sign”, I’ll just spin a nearby pen around in the air, and slide an office chair across the room. I’ll make all the money!

9) Do you hate your initials? If you could have any initials, what would they be and why?

I used to not like my initials, because I always wanted initials that spelled something, like “JAM” or “HOP”. But then I had to name my own child, and I thought about how many kids might tease them if they had initials like that, and now “JMH” doesn’t seem so bad.

10) What is the most recent gum you chewed? Extrapolate a short story of five sentences or less with that gum as a central plot mechanic.

I actually don’t chew gum! Contrary to popular belief, gum actually makes your breath smell worse, because it makes you produce extra saliva. Also, people say gum is “bad” for you to swallow, so all these barbarians just stick chewed up wads anywhere they want, and it’s disgusting! Gum is evil. Mints are boss.

Whew! That’s it!

Thank you, once again, to Normal Happenings for nominating me! This was super fun!

Thanks for reading.



Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

2 thoughts on “Sunshine Award!”

  1. Thanks Jan! I’m glad you had lots of fun with this. I wasn’t expecting to feel so inspired with your well-thought-out responses. I now want to take a trip to Nofishnomo, so if you’ll give me the coordinates, I’ll book passage!

    Anyway, I officially dub thee a recipient of the Normal Happenings Super Specific Sunshine Award. I do hope you enjoy making all that money with your perfectly legitimate fortune telling business.

    Liked by 1 person

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