Dream Journal 5/19/18 | Beast

My next door neighbor, Sasha*, was banging on my apartment door, calling my name. She sounded like she was panicking about something. When I answered, she grabbed me by the arm, and yanked me into her apartment. Before I could ask her what was going on, I heard loud stomping coming from above our heads. We both knew that our upstairs neighbor, who lived alone, had left for work early that morning, and that there shouldn’t have been anyone in his apartment.

Sasha seemed to think that our neighbor was holding someone captive upstairs, and kept saying that we should call the police, but I convinced her that we should investigate it ourselves first. I thought that maybe he had a secret pet living in his apartment, which weren’t allowed in our building. While she was panicking, and we were plotting on how to get into his apartment, her boyfriend came into the room, along with a massive dog. I looked back and forth between the two of them, and Sasha’s face turned bright red. I told her that I wasn’t going to say anything about her boyfriend’s dog being in the building, as long as it didn’t poop everywhere. I asked the boyfriend if the dog was an Irish Wolfhound, and he just looked at me confusedly, and said it was a chocolate lab, which it definitely wasn’t.

The three of us, along with the dog, went into the hallway, where we could definitely hear loud banging and crashing coming from our upstairs neighbor’s apartment. I told them to keep an eye out, in case he came home early, and I went up to his door. His door was covered in scratches and dents, and the door knob and latch were damaged. I pulled a credit card out of my picket, prepared to break in, but the door was unlocked.

I opened the door, and tried to look into his apartment, but there was a dresser placed in front of the door. My perspective was off, as though I was only a few feet tall, and I couldn’t seem to see over this three foot tall dresser. All I could see was the tops of counters, where a large, shiny knife sat. Suddenly, the knife moved forward, completely on its own, before falling to the floor with a loud clang. I heard growling, and quickly closed the door. I went back down the stairs to tell the others what I had seen and heard. Sasha became upset, and told me I HAD to rescue the dog, in case it got hurt on the knife. So, I went back up.

I opened the door again, and was actually able to see into the apartment this time. It was a total mess. The dresser was no longer placed against the door, and instead was replaced by a dirty, torn apart, fabric armchair. I could see the entire apartment now, which was really only furnished with the chair, a dirty mattress on the floor, and a small table, covered in food and dishes. I poked my head into the apartment, where I was suddenly eye to eye with a small, white pitbull puppy. He looked up at me curiously, and I suddenly felt a million times better. I started to move the chair away from the door to that I could get to him, but he started growling this deep, scary guttural growl.

I stopped moving the chair and backed away. The puppy was jerking around, and changing right before my eyes. His white fur started to turn into a dark, inky black, and he grew right before my eyes. Terrified, I went to slam the door shut, just as the dog leaped at me, clawing furiously at the door. I tried to shut the door, but the dog’s legs were stuck in the door. I slammed it shut, and the dog fell away with a yelp. I ran down the stairs, but Sasha and her boyfriend were no longer there. The front door was wide open, and I could see the upstairs neighbor walking up the walkway. I heard the sound of the neighbor’s door being ripped off it’s hinges, followed by a loud crash, and I ran inside my apartment.

Suddenly, there was silence. I heard my neighbor casually walk up the stairs, fix his door, and go into his apartment. I opened my door and looked across the hall, where I noticed that Sasha’s door was wide open, and there were scratches all along the floors and walls. I rushed to call the police, but I couldn’t find my phone, and someone was knocking on my door.

And then, I woke up.
* Names changed.

This post was recognised by the wonderful Matt, of Normal Happenings, for the “Invisible” Nice Job Badge! Yay! ^^



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