Gym Blog | Day 1

So, yesterday was day one of my 30 free days at my local gym. Right after lunch, I walked over in the sunshine (I live right down the street), and immediately felt overwhelmed. The manager wasn’t there (he has weird hours, and comes and goes frequently throughout the day due to a family health matter), so I felt totally clueless as to where to even begin. I didn’t even know the WiFi password!

There were two other people in the gym when I went in, and I walked up to one of them as she was stopping to get a drink at the fountain. I asked her the WiFi password, and we immediately hit it off. She showed me the gym’s app, as well as the workout app, and told me about some of the stuff she does when she comes in. It was really helpful, because she was about my size, and it was nice to see what someone my size could do, with a little bit of practice.

A few minutes later, the manager came in, and we talked for a few minutes about what I wanted to get done that day. I told him I wanted to keep it light, because it had been years since I really exercised, and I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I also had a consultation with a personal trainer the next day (today), so I didn’t want to be too sore or tired.

He showed me some stuff with the weights, and even though I thought 5-pound weights would be a piece of cake, by my second rep, my arms and shoulders were screaming at me. I didn’t really enjoy looking at myself in the mirror either, haha. But the manager is a super cool guy, and it was really nice of him to show me how to use the weights, as well as some of the other machines, and stay and talk to me before I went off on my own.

After I finished with the weights, I decided to hop on an elliptical, since that’s the one piece of gym equipment I am most familiar with. I put it on a simple setting, pulled up YouTube on my phone, and got to work. After about 10 minutes, my legs were screaming at me, and I decided that was enough.

The manager saw me looking around like a lost puppy after I got off the elliptical, and came over to show me some more. He showed me how to properly use the rowing machine, and I have to say, that might be my new favorite machine ever. I put in 15 minutes, and burned more calories than I did on the elliptical, and with far less pain. I actually found it really peaceful!

I stayed there for about an hour overall, between chatting with a few gym-goers, getting some advice from the manager, and actually working out. It was nice.

I woke up this morning CRAZY sore, which does not bode well for my consultation with the personal trainer, which is in half an hour, but I am really excited.

Depending on how I feel tonight, I might take the day off tomorrow. I don’t want to overdue it.

More updates in the coming days!

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