Dream Journal 5/25/18 | Leave Me Alone

I was back in Maine, visiting my grandmother at her old house, that she hasn’t lived in for 15 years. My grandmother was acting really secretive, and wouldn’t let me go near the spare bedroom in the back, where I used to sleep whenever I would go to her house. We sat in silence in the living room, while she watched some weird show like QVC, where they were trying to sell all this weird jewelry and whatnot, and did not speak to each other for what seemed like hours.

She stood up suddenly, and told me she had to go to a meeting, and that I had to go with her. I told her I didn’t want to go, but she kept insisting. We started fighting, and I told her that I was a grown woman, and she couldn’t try to control me, and she gave up and left. As she went out the door, she told me to stay out of the spare bedroom.

Of course, as soon as she left, I went back there. I opened the door, and there was my half-brother, sitting at the computer, with a pair of headphones on. He was playing some kind of first-person shooter on the PC, and hadn’t even noticed I came in. I started freaking out, because I’m not a fan of my brother. At all. The fact that he was staying in the same house of me was terrifying, and I rushed to the living room, grabbed my phone, and called my grandmother, but she didn’t answer.

I went to grab my bag to leave, but when I turned around, my brother was standing less than a foot away, just staring at me. He said something about how much he had missed me, and tried to hug me, but I pushed past him and tried to run out the door. He was suddenly there, too, blocking my way. I tried to shove him away, but he kept yelling at me, and telling me that I was being a bad sister, and that he loved me and missed me, and that I was being a bitch because I hadn’t wanted him to be a part of my life after all this time.

I kept screaming at him to leave me alone, but we kept struggling, and I ended up punching him in the head, or the face, and he fell backwards. I shoved him to the ground, and jumped over him to get to the side door. I ran outside, and noticed that my grandmother’s car was still in the driveway, even though she had supposedly taken it to her meeting. I looked in the car, but there was no sign of her, and the doors wouldn’t open. I looked back at the house, and saw my grandmother, as well as my brother, staring at me from the large, living room window. Just standing there. And it was creepy.

I started walking away from the house, and tried to call my mom to come and pick me up, but I suddenly had no cell service. I looked back at the house, and my grandmother’s car was gone from the driveway.

Then, I was in a grocery store somewhere, pushing a cart, when someone bumped into me with their own cart. I looked up, and it was my brother, smiling at me with a weird, twisted smile. I yelled at him to leave me alone, but he rammed his cart into mine once more, sending my cart flying down the aisle. He grabbed my arm, and kept repeating the same thing about how I was a bitch for not wanting him in my life, and how I was the worst sister. I started screaming for someone to help me, but no one came. There were people everywhere, but no one even turned to look.

I kicked him in the groin, jerked out of his grip, and ran to the front of the store. I started yelling at a man wearing a uniform to call the police, but he ignored me. I turned around, and saw my grandmother walking toward me, along with my brother. I shouted to them, and told them to leave me alone.

I kept running, trying to find the door to leave, but the store was so big, like I was in a massive warehouse. I tried to climb up some shelves in one of the aisles, but the shelves stretched up for what seemed like 100 feet, and didn’t seem to end, and I started to slip and slide down off of them. I couldn’t see my grandmother, or my brother, anymore.

I climbed down the shelves, but was now in a different part of the store that looked like an actual warehouse, with pallets and boxes everywhere, but couldn’t see anyone around. There was a large loading door that was open on the opposite side of the aisle/room area where I was, and I started walking toward it slowly. I could hear doors opening and closing, one after another, somewhere around me, like someone was searching for something, or someone.

I got down on my hands and knees, and started crawling, and the room seemed to get darker, and darker…

And then, I woke up.


Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

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