Gym Blog | Day 14

I really wish I knew why I am always so tired. I got to the gym early this morning, riddled with a headache, and feeling exhausted. I literally could only do half of what I usually do, and that was really frustrating. I’m sure a big part of it has to do with my diet (and the fact that my anxiety has been through the damn roof lately). We’ve been living paycheck to paycheck for over a month, and we barely make it a month. Seriously, I’ve been eating toast and cans of soup for every meal for the last couple of days. It sucks.

You know what? I’m actually so embarrassed about how pathetic my workout was this morning, I’m not even going to talk about it.

Yep, seriously. It was pretty sad.

Maybe tomorrow will be better. Maybe not.

I feel like shit, and I need a nap.



Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

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