Gym Blog | Day 17

Yesterday called for another light workout, since my legs are still useless, sore noodles. I went in around 3:00, when Kyle took Liam to the dealership to pick up our Jeep (long story, and we have to bring it back in again, because the people at this garage are all morons).

I started with 15 minutes on the treadmill, just to warm up a little, but my legs still feel like jello from my PT session on Wednesday, and I’m starting to realize that the treadmill is a little too high impact for my useless, noodle legs right now. Seriously, my legs randomly lock up, and I almost fall on my face. It sucks.

After the treadmill, I did 5 minutes on the row machine, which actually felt great for my semi sore arms, but my damn legs, you guys… they’re making life very annoying right now.

I had a nice chat with the new trainer, the one I had my session with this week, and she gave me some really great pointers for the types of things I can start doing for cardio days, leg days, arm days, etc. She’s seriously so awesome. This entire time, I’ve just been trying to fit in everything that I actually know how to do into each gym trip, because I didn’t know very much, and I hate leaving the gym after 30 minutes of confused roaming and a walk on the treadmill.

I’m going to write out a little something, just to give my workouts more structure. Since my world has been opened to a ton of new workouts, I can actually have leg days, and cardio days, etc., instead of smashing it all into one day, and repeating it daily. So, I’m excited about that. I still have a lot to learn though.

I cut my workout short, because it was getting late, and I had to get home and get dinner started before the boys got home. It was more of a learning trip than a workout trip, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

My legs are still a little sore today, but not nearly as bad as the last two days, so I am hoping to get a decent workout in today. Maybe I’ll do a cardio/core day? We’ll see. Still figuring things out. Kyle worked overnight last night, and is sleeping now, so I have been trying to get work done, and clean up the house, so that it doesn’t become overwhelming. I’m not used to having things to do during the day, so I am trying to find balance, and a schedule that works.

Feeling a little overwhelmed anyway. It happens.

Thanks for reading, friends. Feel free to check out all of my previous #gymblogs!


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