Gym Blog | Day 18

Hey, friends! My legs feel almost back to normal today, but I decided to do a cardio/core day at the gym, instead of anything super intense on my legs. I literally just got back home (it’s about 9:00 pm as I am typing this), because Kyle was asleep until nearly 5:00 pm, and I figured it would be better if I waited until after kiddo went to bed.

It is super muggy and gross outside, so I was already feeling pretty uncomfortable by the time I got to the gym, but as soon as you walk in you get blasted by cool air, so that helped a little. I started off with 15 minutes on one of the stationary bikes, which I had actually never used before. It felt really good on my legs, not nearly as intense and jarring as the treadmill, except that I am apparently between two different height settings, and neither of them felt quite right, no matter how I sat. It was a little annoying, but I got it done, and watched a little YouTube while I worked up a sweat.

After the bike, I decided to do some steps on the plyo boxes, since I actually have use of my legs today. I don’t remember how many I did, but I really liked them, and I could definitely feel it. It was also a great reminder that I am a very clumsy, unbalanced person, as I nearly fell four times, even on the smallest box. Oops.

Then 5 minutes on the row machine, which was as uneventful as ever.

Then, weights. I did just about everything I could remember how to do, aside from butterfly presses with the free weights, and rows. I am still having a hard time how often I am supposed to be doing certain exercises. Once a week? Daily? Every other day? Ugh.

I finished off my workout with core stuff. I did some quadruped exercises, followed by 4 sets of 20 penguin crunches, which I reeeally enjoy doing. Lastly, 2 sets of 10 leg raises, which burn so good, haha. I skipped the planks today. Sorry, not sorry. Maybe tomorrow.

I wasn’t there as long as I wanted to be, but I felt like I did some solid work, and tried some new things. I definitely sweat my ass off. Tomorrow, if my legs will allow it, I’ll try to do some more. Kyle also works overnight tonight, but has to go back in tomorrow afternoon, so I only have a two hour window to make it to the gym, and that’s only if my three year old decides to take a nap today, which I kind of don’t want him to do, because he hasn’t been falling asleep until 10 p.m. or later lately. Blah.

Anyway! Thanks for reading, friends. Feel free to check out all of my previous #gymblogs!



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