Gym Blog | Day 23

Whew, what a day I had yesterday! For those I haven’t already told, because I can’t remember if I wrote it here, I managed to strike a deal with the manager of my gym, where I will help manage and post to their new Instagram account, type up bios for the trainers, and do their wall once a month (I posted a picture of the wall I did for June in this post), and in return, I can keep getting monthly trial memberships. I’m pretty excited about it, because it’s something I really enjoy doing, and I am happy to be able to keep going to the gym, but in the back of my mind, I’m worried that it will all fall apart. You know me, forever optimistic.

My original 30-day free membership is over in one week. My initial goal with this gym blog series was just to give you a glimpse into my life for those 30 days that I got for free, since picking up a 12-month membership has always been off the tables for me. Since I am doing this social media stuff for them (which hopefully I can give you a glimpse of in the near future), I’ll be able to go until they drop me, or until the manager leaves, and someone else comes in and decides that I’m disposable. I’m not sure what I’ll do in that case. Either way, once I hit 30 days on this original trial, this particular blog series will end. I’ll probably still try to blog regularly, since I’ll still be trying to get to the gym regularly. Same content, mostly, just a different name, and a bit more stuff about my life, outside of the gym, peppered in.

Anyway, about last night! I got in a pretty good workout, and got to talk to some pretty cool people. It was fun. Have I mentioned how much I really like the entire staff here? They’re seriously amazing.

I did 20 minutes on the recumbent bike, then 2 sets of 25 step ups on the plyo box, 5 minutes on the row machine, standing side bends with the kettlebells, quadruped exercises, 2 sets of 10 squats with a 20-pound weight, 4 sets of 25 penguin crunches, bicep curls with the 10-pound resistance band, and 2 sets of 10 bent-over rows for each arm with the 10-pound weights.

I have never sweat like that before in my life, you guys. No joke. I’m so very out of shape.

And, yeah, I know it was a little random, and a little bit of everything. I am still working on coming up with an actual routine. I’ll get there. It felt good, and I feel good today.

Kyle worked overnight last night, and didn’t get home until 8:00 this morning, so he’ll be sleeping all day. Kiddo isn’t taking a nap today, so I can’t go workout at my “regular” time, so I won’t be able to go until probably after dinner time tonight. I need to make it count, because Kyle works overnight again tonight, but then has to go back in the early afternoon the next day, so we won’t get to see him the entire day. Blah. I wish they’d stop fucking with him like this, because it’s killing him.

I might go fill up kiddo’s pool and spend some time outside. We’ll see. I can always workout from home today, if it comes to that. I do have a ton to do around the house still as well.

Fuuuck. I wish I could afford a housekeeper or something.

That’s all for today. Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out all of my previous #gymblogs!



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