Gym Blog | Day 30 (Final)

It has officially been one month since I started my membership at my gym!

As much as I would love to be able to tell you that I’ve lost 20 pounds, and two pants sizes, and feel sexier than I ever have… but that’s just not the case. Don’t worry, this isn’t a bummer of a post though! I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with my body. I’ve always had boobs, hips, and a butt, which are great, but I’ve also struggled with my weight since I was in the 4th grade, when I first GOT my boobs, hips, and butt. I’ve gymed, I’ve dieted, I’ve crashed. Over, and over, and over again.

Even recently, when I really should have experienced this enough to know better, I found myself focusing and obsessing over the number on the scale, and feeling totally and utterly defeated. I mean, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week, WHY AM I NOT 20 POUNDS LIGHTER? Well, it’s because for the first time ever, I’m also using weights. So, while I may not be a size 6 yet (I have years to go before I get to that particular goal), I feel SO strong. Stronger than I have ever felt.

So, I’m not a size 6 yet, but it’s only been a month, and I’m definitely not done yet. I have lost about 2% of my total body fat since I started, and have shed about 7 pounds, and while I can’t say that I’ve noticed it too much in my body, those two little facts make me feel good!

So, about today… I did go to the gym… but I only did 15 minutes on the recumbent bike. Let’s just call this my relaxation day, okay?

Anyway, that’s it. After today, I’ll be going back to regular blogging. However infrequent that may be. No more gym blogs. You’ll still hear about my gym visits, but they won’t have as much emphasis on the gym aspect. Feel free to check out all of my past #gymblogs, detailing my journey to this point over the last 30 days!



Author: Super Jan

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