Yet Another ER Visit

Hello, friends. Today has been a fucking day, let me tell ya. It started out great. We had breakfast and lunch at home, everyone was in a good mood, and we had planned to take Liam back to the brand new splash pad at the park, because he really loved it last time, aside from getting knocked down a couple times (here’s some nifty foreshadowing for you), and hitting his head. We even walked around the new Dollar General a bit, and did some snack and drink shopping before heading over.

The splash pad wasn’t too busy, which was surprising for a weekend. But of course, within the first two minutes, two older boys were targeting my three year old with the water cannons, you know, like assholes. After I shot them several scathing looks, they stopped, and turned their attention to harassing a girl their age.

You know, like assholes.

And then, it got worse. We were there for probably ten minutes, having a great time, before another fucking unsupervised kid BARRELLED into Liam, while we were standing fucking still. He just slammed into him, and he wasn’t exactly a tiny guy. He was a chubby 8 or 9 year old kid. He knocked him onto his face. Right into the concrete. I yelled at him, and he just ran off. He didn’t even apologize. Who the fuck raised this demon?

Immediately, I saw blood in the water, and started freaking out. When I picked my son off the ground, I saw that blood was pouring from his nose and around his mouth. I ran him over to Kyle, where two of the lifeguards who had seen it happen were also headed, and we rushed to clean him up and assess the damage.

He had a deep, bloody gash across the underside of his chin, and after cleaning him up, we all agreed that he probably should go to the ER. The two girls had us stick around to talk to the supervisor and tell him what happened, because apparently they had already given the older boy two strikes for running and hitting kids, but he and his parents did nothing to stop the behavior, so he was in big trouble.

Liam calmed down pretty quickly, once the initial shock wore off, and the bleeding stopped a bit, so we were able to check his mouth and nose for damage. Luckily, all seemed okay, aside from his chin. The two lifeguard girls were very sweet, and brought him a freeze pop, and that made him feel a lot better. After a few minutes, he seemed totally fine, and was even laughing and talking with them.

We told the supervisor what happened, and he went over to talk to the other boy, and his parents. They then came over to apologize to us as we were leaving, and it was at this moment that we discovered that we knew them. The mother is actually a family friend of Kyle’s entire family, she even does his mom and sisters’ hair. I, on the other hand, do not like her, because she is super religious (calm down, that’s not the part I dislike), and likes to stick her nose into people’s business, and chime in that if they believed in her deity blah blah blah life will be sunshine and rainbows blah blah blah everything would get better blah blah.

Fuck off with that shit.

Anyway, they apologized, and I put on a smile, even though I wanted to scream at the kid, and his mom, but we had to get to the hospital, which funny enough, is right across the street from the splash pad. So convenient.

Yep. Two ER trips in one week. Hurrah!

36893579_10212136226980409_4496032418980954112_nMy kid is a trooper, y’all. He really is. He’s tall and lanky, with giant feet, so he’s no stranger to bumps and scrapes from falling, due to him being the ultimate klutz. We got registered, and waited for a doctor. The doctor came in, and much to my chagrin, it was the same doctor from my ER visit last July (yikes, July is a crappy month for us, huh?), when my intestines were all twisted, and I had a massive cyst on my ovary. We shall call him Dr. Zero Bedside Manner. So, Dr. Zero Bedside Manner came in, and had zero bedside manner, but told us that kiddo didn’t need stitches, only glue, but that the whole process was going to take about an hour and a half.

Oh. Oh, joy.

Luckily, the nurse we had was fabulous, and Liam really liked her, and didn’t cause a fuss at all when she had to flush out his chin wound and put numbing/bonding medicine on it. However, he did NOT enjoy being wrapped like a mummy in a hospital bed sheet so that they could glue his chin closed. He screamed and cried, and Dr. Zero Bedside Manner was a bit of a dick throughout the whole process. After it was all said and done, he got a bunch of stickers, coloring pages, and a new book before we left the hospital, and he walked out with a smile on his face. Like it never even happened.

Good for him. It’s now several hours later, and I still want to cry my eyes out over it.

After we left the hospital, Kyle’s mom wanted to take us out to eat, and to go with the theme of today, that was an… experience. We got two pizzas, a grilled cheese for Liam, and a salad for me. The entire time we were there, our waiter never came back to ask us if we needed refills, or anything else, which was a bit annoying, because we were literally the only people there. Literally. The place was completely empty, except for us. One of our pizzas was wrong, Liam’s grilled cheese didn’t hit the table until five minutes after everything else, which meant it was now hard and cold, and my salad was about 50% onions, and was missing the cheese and tomatoes that were supposed to come on it.

Yeah, not the best experience. I don’t know why we keep coming back to this place, because this seems to be our experience EVERY time we go in, and the place is just gross on the inside. Yet, somehow, it’s one of the most popular pizza places around. Weird.

36810588_10212136227940433_5944588960796770304_n.jpgAfter dinner, we went to get ice cream, as you do when you’re dieting, but had a really shitty day. Liam and I shared a suuuper delicious¬†Blue Bomb Pop Italian Ice. I’m trying not to totally undo my day, since there’s no way I am getting to the gym tonight, and Italian ice isn’t as bad as normal ice cream. I feel like we will have blue mouths for the next three days though.

We are finally home now, kiddo is asleep, and I am thinking about walking around town to play some Pokemon GO, just to burn off the shitty pizza I ate tonight. I’m just so emotionally, and physically, exhausted from today. I need a nap.

What a day.

Thanks for reading, friends.


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