Mom’s Visit 2018| Days 1-2

Hello, friends! So, as I mentioned in a previous blog, my mom is flying from Maine to visit us for the week, and she’s actually already been here for two days! It’s flying by. We’ve spent so much time away from home, that I haven’t had time to really sit down and talk much about it, or do much of anything really. But, it’s been really nice so far. I don’t know if anyone remembers (or even read) my blogs from her last visit, but things were… well, a little all over the place. Some good, some bad, and lots of stress. Not so much this time. It’s been really, really nice so far.

37635834_10215138534128770_1592984205942325248_oShe landed in Chicago yesterday morning, and was in town by noon. We met her near her hotel, and we went out to eat, play at the playground, and wander around town for a bit, since she still had 3 hours before her check-in. I was worried that Liam wouldn’t warm up to her, because he hasn’t seen her in over two years, but we spent the whole week hyping him up for her visit, showing him pictures and videos, and talking about going swimming and visiting the zoo, so he was really excited to see her when we all met up. He immediately talked to her, and asked her about the airplane, and it was so sweet.

37528026_10215138534648783_6999212034231369728_oHer first day here was very chill. We figured she was tired from flying, and Kyle had actually worked overnight the night before, so around 3:00, Kyle went to bed, mom checked into her hotel room, and we took a dip in the hotel pool.

Now… about the hotel. Last time mom visited, she stayed at the Fairfield Inn, which I had stayed at numerous times, and recommended to her. Fair prices, nice rooms, nice hotel. The problem was, the pool was closed for renovation, so we couldn’t swim, but the place was nice. This time, she spent a little extra money to stay at the Holiday Inn, which is right up the road from the Fairfield, and arguably better. However, our Holiday Inn here is apparently a dump. The front desk kid was rude, the walls, floors, and furniture was all a dark, shit brown color, the hotel was dark and freezing cold, and the rug in her room was lumpy and weird. Also, she was supposed to have two beds in her room, but they gave her a single, but charged her the same, which was annoying.

And the pool? Disgusting. The water looked green, and we figured it was from the chlorine, but the chlorine didn’t smell very strong at all. Upon closer inspection, there was green, slimy stuff on the walls of the pool, and on parts of the floor around the pool, and the bottom of the pool and stairs were really dirty. It was also a REALLY small pool. We didn’t spend much time in the pool, even though Liam was having fun. It was just too gross and sketchy. I’ve been trying to convince her to raise hell about it, and try to switch over to the other hotel, but she is so non confrontational, and won’t do anything about it. It’s so disappointing.

Anyway, after a yummy dinner at Denny’s, we all turned in early on the first day, because we were all exhausted.

Kyle worked overnight last night again, and had to go in this afternoon, so we didn’t see him at all today. Mom came over around 10:00 this morning while I was making stuff in the crock pot, and around noon, we all had lunch, and then went shopping.

Did I mention that my step dad sent $500 cash as a gift for me? He did. He told me to spoil myself. How nice! Unfortunately, I can’t spoil myself in good conscience, so I bought some stuff for all of us, and I’m saving around $300 for our bank account.

Well… I’ll try to.

We went to our dying mall, where there are more empty stores than open ones, and went shopping at Bergner’s, which is going out of business. I decided to buy some shirts for Kyle, since he never buys things for himself. I bought him a cool pair of joggers, three nice t-shirts, and a nice polo (all originally over $50 a piece, I got them for $8-10 each). Then we went to Maurice’s, where I got a shirt for myself, and a shirt for my mom, which were less than $6 a piece. SCORE!

Then, Walmart. I bought Kyle three more shirts, bought two workout tops and a new pair of workout leggings for myself, some new bathroom decor, and some new face wash and beauty stuff. My mom also bought a cute Paw Patrol playset for Liam, along with a new Paw Patrol DVD, which he was SUPER happy about.

Upon arriving home, we looking at the shirts we got for Kyle, and I realised that even though they are all XXL, the three expensive ones we got from the expensive store were MUCH smaller. I tried them on myself, and sure enough, they were barely too big for me, meaning they will be way too small for Kyle.

Damn it.

The store is closing. No returns. So, I’m stuck with them. I might see if either of Kyle’s brother-in-laws can fit into them, because they are REALLy nice t-shirts, and I don’t want to waste my money!

The joggers were also XXL, and even though Kyle usually only wears an XL, I tried them on, and they were actually TOO SMALL FOR ME! Like, they fit like a men’s Large, MAYBE! I’ll still wear them, but they were originally $60, and he can’t even wear them!

So… that was super disappointing. The three Walmart shirts, and the expensive polo, were all wins though!

My mom and I had a nice, long talk tonight. About lots of things. Old family drama, new family drama, happy memories, what a weird, rebellious teenager I was, family genealogy… so much stuff. She told me a few things I never knew about myself, or my family. For example, I had no idea that I actually have a pretty decent amount of Native American in me. I always thought I was French and Irish, but there’s apparently a little English and Italian in there as well.

Who knew?

She left, I put Liam to bed, put on a charcoal mask, and caught up on some YouTube. Kyle will be home soon-ish to try on his shirts, and I can’t wait to tell him about my day.

He is off work tomorrow and Wednesday, so we’re going to try and go hiking around Starved Rock tomorrow, and visit some more beautiful, scenic areas, since the weather is supposed to be absolutely beautiful. Maybe we’ll go swimming again, too. My mom also wants to spend the night tomorrow, and watch some disney movies as a family, so that should be nice. It’s also TACO NIGHT! Yay!

On Wednesday, we’re going to take a trip to Chicago to be annoying tourists, and visit the Brookfield Zoo, which I am crazy excited for, despite how crazy expensive it is. It should be amazing though. It’s going to be REALLY hot though. Yuck.

Anyway, I’m exhausted. Time to be a lifeless lump on the couch.

Thanks for reading!



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