Mom’s Visit 2018 | Day 3

Hello, friends. Today is actually Day 6 of my mom’s visit with us, but I’ve fallen really far behind on writing about it, so here’s a post all about what we did on Day 3 of her visit. I’ll also try to post about Day 4 and Day 5 today as well, maybe even about today, but… we’ll see. That’s so much writing.

So, on Day 3 we stayed close to home, and just had a day of returning a few of the shirts I bought for Kyle the day before, and exchanging them for shirts that weren’t as fail.

After we got some lunch, we decided to head to Matthiessen State Park, which is only about 15 minutes from my house, and right up the road from Starved Rock State Park, to take some cute photos in the sunflower fields. Unfortunately, the sunflowers were in full bloom LAST week, meaning they were all droopy and dead this week. We were so bummed out. We turned right around and left.

We got to Starved Rock, eager to take Liam in his stroller (his legs get tired very easily) on some of the lower trails, but unfortunately, the trails were either flooded, or no longer there, and all of the rest had stairs, so we ended up leaving after not long at all. It was so disappointing. Just a day of disappointment.

However, right before we left, we managed to snag a few cute pictures right by the Illinois River.


We’re so cute. I know.

We decided to head back to the mom’s hotel, and swim for the rest of the afternoon, until dinnertime. We had tacos. They were delicious.

I felt pretty burned out and blah for the whole day. Between the clothes not working out from the day before, then the sunflowers being dead, and finally the trails all being closed and not being able to go on our hike… I was just so bummed.

It was a bust of a day in my mind, but of course, mom was just happy to spend time with us.

Also, I did manage to sneak over to the gym for my first, and probably only, workout this week, and that cheered me up a little bit. I’ve been starting to feel like a beached whale, between not working out, and eating crap food every night. I’ll have to kick my own ass after mom leaves to burn it all off.

Alright, on to the next post!



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