Mom’s Visit 2018 | Day 4

Hello, friends! Today is actually Day 6 of my mom’s visit, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I’ve been seriously slacking on writing things down, since we’ve been, you know, doing stuff. So, here’s a post all about Day 4 of her visit!

WE WENT TO THE ZOO, YOU GUYS! Specifically, Brookfield Zoo, which is up on the outer edge of Chicago, or something. It took about an hour and a half to drive up there, but since we left nice and early, traffic was surprisingly not terrible, and we didn’t die! We had been wanting to take Liam to the Brookfield Zoo for the longest time, but the tickets are SUPER expensive (a little over $80 for the four of us, and that was for the most basic tickets, that didn’t include any of the cool stuff like dolphin shows, etc.). However, mom wanted to foot the entire bill, so we gladly agreed to make a day of it.

It. Was. Awesome.

We were able to see nearly all of the animals, except for the tiger, because he was hiding and taking a nap behind some rocks. Also, it was hard to see any of the primates, because this zoo boasts an INCREDIBLE enclosure for them, and several of them had babies, and were hiding in sneaky spots. The rest of the animals were on full display, and their enclosures were fantastic.

I won’t make this a long post, because honestly, what can I really say about going to the zoo? I’d rather just show you.

Here’s a nifty, little slideshow!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I took hundreds of pictures, but those are some of my favorites (that weren’t too blurry or obscured) from our zoo trip. It was awesome, and if you have the money, I highly recommend heading to Chicago to hit this zoo. There are other zoos nearby as well, some free, which we’ve been to in the past. We spent over FOUR HOURS there, and still didn’t see everything!

Not much else to say, really! It was an awesome day.

On to the next post!



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