My Creepypasta Obsession

Hello, friends. Recently, being the lover of horror and suspense that I am, I finally hopped on board the Creepypasta train. I have been obsessed with reading, and listening to, these truly spooky, suspenseful, and often terrifying stories. All day, every day. I’m late to the party, I know, but I’m old, so… yeah.

I actually was introduced introduced to the /rNoSleep subreddit by Mini Ladd, who you may remember me mentioning in my somewhat ridiculous dream journal entry, where he became my neighbor. He does a series where he reads a handful of these stories, while sitting in the dark, and I love to mute whatever game I’m playing, turn off the lights, put in my earphones, and just immerse myself.

Recently, he did one of these videos on his second channel, this time about Creepypasta stories. It was great. After this, I decided to search a little to see if there were any YouTube channels or podcasts that solely do this sort of audio book style reading.

Boy, did I find some goooood ones.

Apparently, there is a whole, creepy corner of the internet that shares my love of horror, and hearing someone read you a creepy story, while sitting in the dark, is very popular. So, if you’re interested, here are some fantastically creepy resources to tickle your fancy.

CreepsMcPasta (my personal favorite, I’m a sucker for a British accent)
The NoSleep Podcast

Last night, I put a 3+ hour long CreepsMcPasta video (he also does a 24/7 radio stream of him reading these stories), and just listened while I wrote, and played The Sims. So good. Do you have any other creepy story channels or podcasts that you love? Share them in the comments!



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