Thursday Stream of Consciousness #2

This week has been a freaking roller coaster. Last week, I managed to score an interview at one of our local assisted living/nursing homes for a position as an Activity Aide, and it went really well. I had had a few interviews at this same place in the past that went well, too, but we were never able to get the scheduling right, so I had to turn down the jobs. My new boss really likes me, and that makes me happy. I’ve always been a really good interviewer, mostly because I’m a very chatty, personable, kind of person. I knew I had the job, because she had told me after my interview last week that she only had one other interview scheduled, but that she would “definitely” call me. She called me on Tuesday, gave me the job, and the HR lady called me yesterday to schedule my paperwork, background check, and all that.

I went in today at 12:30, and did a few hours of assessments, paperwork, and tests on the computer, and got a more official tour of the facility. They also gave me my uniform today, which might be a bit of a problem for me, because the sizes are super weird. They gave me two shirts to take home to try on. They are unisex sizes, and the XL is too small, but the L is too big. Yeah, you read that right. Super weird. Hot pink shirts. Not my favorite color, but there’s nothing I can do about that. The pants are even worse. I can deal with a shirt that’s too bright, and too large, but the khaki pants they gave me are… not great. They are like scrub pants, so they are very loose and baggy, but they are also CRAZY long on me. I’m only 5’3, and the pants they gave me fit my waist, but are crazy baggy, and balloon around my legs, and they are a solid 5 or 6 inches too long for me. I saw a couple other girls wearing khaki pants that weren’t scrub material, so I think I’ll ask on Monday when I go in for my first shift if I can buy my own, because having pants that are way too big like that is super uncomfortable for me.

We’ve all been sick this entire week as well. I complained about a sore throat last week, and this week it was even worse. I spent several hours in the waiting room of a clinic to get a strep test, which came back negative, and then went back a few days later to repeat the test because my pain was getting worse. That test was negative as well, so they just diagnosed me with Pharyngitis, and sent me home with a prescription for a huge dose of Amoxicillin, which I never filled, because it didn’t make sense to me that they would give me an antibiotic for something that was likely viral, and not bacterial. The next day, my throat actually felt a little better, and the following day it was mostly better. It’s completely better today, and I feel better than I have in weeks and weeks. Liam has been sick this whole time, too. Nothing crazy, just really congested, with a wet cough. His cough is still bad in the morning, but it was much better today. So, we’re both on the mend. Kyle, on the other hand, has been battling the flu, and has been puking his brain out all week. We’ve been avoiding each other like the plague. No pun intended. I refuse to get the stomach flu. Again.

I finally caved and splurged on a new bed set yesterday. It was VERY needed. We settled on these gorgeous, deep teal/blue sheets and pillowcases. I love the color. We also got a new mattress protector, even though our mattress is already is in rough shape. I guess it’s to protect our sheets from the gross mattress? I really need a new comforter, but didn’t want to spend so much all at once, so I’ll get that next time.

Liam has been having a rough time at school lately. Nothing crazy, and he’s still one of the best behaved kids in his class, but he’s been really emotional lately. A little sassy, a bit of crying, and a few, tiny fights with other kids. Nothing worrisome, but it makes me sad that he’s struggling. There was no school on Monday this week, and they got sent home after just an hour on Tuesday because of severe weather. School was cancelled Wednesday. So, when he went in today, he was emotional. He wanted me to stay with him in class, and kept hugging me, and telling me that I couldn’t leave, because he needed to talk to me. It broke my heart. They have pictures of all the kids and their families on a board in the classroom for when they get sad and miss them, and he carried it around all day. His teacher said he carried it around a bit last week as well, and told her that he was sad at school because he missed me. My hearrrrrrt!

And speaking of Liam, yesterday was his BIRTHDAY! I’m the mom of a freaking four-year-old now. That’s insane. He was sad that school was cancelled, because he wanted his friends to sing to him, but we watched movies and played games all day, so he was fine. We also had a party for him on Sunday at his aunt’s house, with the whole family, and had cake and pizza. He was a happy boy. Got just about everything he had asked for for his birthday, and used his birthday money to get one of the toys he hadn’t gotten.

Four. He’s FOUR now. I can’t even.

Our neighbor situation has been weird lately. The upstairs neighbors have been fine lately, but the ones across the hall have been… odd? I guess? It’s a woman, her fiance, and her two kids. She’s also pregnant with his baby. The daughter is in Liam’s class, so we carpool with her, and her older brother is a year older, and in kindergarten. They both have behavioral issues. Since we carpool, the teacher hasn’t seen her mom in months. I guess she changed jobs, and hasn’t updated her employer information, and her phone number is different than her records, too. All THREE of her emergency contacts have phone numbers that don’t work either. The teachers literally have no one to call if there is an emergency.

They’ve asked me to pass along messages, and I have, but they don’t listen. Their daughter needs an extra set of clothes, but they never send them. She’s been acting out in class, and being kind of horrible, and they need to schedule a meeting, but they won’t call her to schedule one, and won’t give them her number. They keep telling me they’ll give me their numbers, but they never do. It’s weird. Last week, the fiance spent the night in jail, though I don’t know why, and I babysat for the mom. Now, he’s been gone for a few days (he came back this afternoon, apparently), and some woman has been sleeping at their place with her two kids, who are around 6-8 years old, but are never in school. I don’t know what’s happening. It’s weird. I keep passing on messages, but the teacher is getting frustrated, and there’s not much I can do. From the sounds of it, their daughter is having a really hard time. I know she cries just about every day we drop her off, and she fights a lot with kids, and doesn’t listen, and uses some pretty bad language for a four-year-old (like teaching my kid and the other boy we carpool with the n-word, for fucks sake). It doesn’t help that her mom and her fiance spend all their time yelling at each other, and at the kids, and cussing up a storm. It makes me sad. We can hear it through the walls. She and her brother also don’t have a bedtime, and I can hear them up until midnight or later on most nights. Four and five years old. It’s sad.

Anyway, I’m hungry. I think I’m going to go get some food. I’ve also been dealing with some pretty unfortunate depression this week, and have been trying to occupy my mind. And eat food. Blah. So, that’s been fun. Liam is now climbing on me, with his arm around my neck, and it’s hard to type. We’re sitting on the couch watching Rusty Rivets, his new favorite show. I’m listening to some Creepypasta stories on YouTube. I need food though. Bye bye.



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