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Hello, friends. I have a new job. As most of you know, I have been a stay-at-home mom for the last four years, and recently started dabbling in freelance work to make some extra money. This has been great for us, since I have been able to make my own schedule, and not worry about if Liam has school or not, or if Kyle has to work overtime, etc. Unfortunately, freelancing is pretty feast or famine. For the last three months or so, I had been working a few big projects, and making decent money. However, once those projects were over with, I found myself back to my one, main freelance job, where I only rake in between $50-$80 a week. While that money does help a bit with grocery shopping, that’s about all it does.

So, I decided to get a job. Outside my house. With other people. Drug tests, paperwork, tax forms, and all that.

Just a few days after submitting my application at a local care facility, which I had applied to, and interviewed at, in the past, I was called back to do an interview, and was practically hired on the spot. A few days later, I was officially hired as the new Activity Aide.

Monday was my first day.

So far, the job has been… interesting. I feel like, as time goes on, and I get the hang of it, and get trained properly, I will really love my job. But I’m three days in currently, and it’s been, well, a bit chaotic. I’ve barely seen my boss in the three days since I’ve started, and haven’t been given any schedule, formal training, or anything to really tell me what the heck I’m supposed to be doing. I’ve just been getting passed around between the other three girls in my department, and each of them trained me on various things here and there, but I still feel a bit… lost? I don’t know. The job itself is pretty self-explanatory: I do activities with the residents. However, there are a lot of little details and things that go along with my job, that the girls can’t train me on themselves, and I have to go to another facility to take a class, which would have been great to know when I started.

I also had to have a full physical, background check, drug test, and need to get fingerprinted. I’ve gotten all of that done, except the fingerprinting. I have an appointment to go and do that tomorrow morning, but the problem is, I don’t have a valid ID. Both my passport, and my state ID, are expired. Normally, I’d just head on over to the DMV and renew my ID, but between my new work hours, and this freaking Polar Vortex crap, either I am working and can’t get there in time, or everything is closed because of the cold (it was -56F today, no joke). Tomorrow morning (Thursday) is my fingerprinting appointment, and I called them on Tuesday to ask if I can reschedule for Monday, or at least use my expired ID and maybe my SS card together, but haven’t heard back. It HAS to be done within 10 days of being hired, which means that it has to be done by Monday, at the latest. I don’t know what the consequences of not getting it done in time are, or if they will be flexible with me, given the circumstances, but no one is getting back to me, and my boss has been out for the last two days with strep, so I have NO idea.

I have no schedule for myself, or for work. I also don’t have the proper uniform, because the pants they gave me were WAY too big, so I bought a pair of my own for my first day, and they said they’d give me two smaller pairs, but still haven’t.


It’s been stressful. Kiddo hasn’t had school all week, and so Kyle has had to stay with him, which is killing him, because he works overnights, and my hours are kind of all over the place, since they still have no idea where to put me, and he’s been missing out on a lot of sleep. On top of that, apparently my boss told the other girls in my department something totally different than what she told me regarding my hours, so that’s a bit annoying, and needs to be fixed ASAP, but she’ll likely be out all week. It’s making me really anxious.

My co-workers are all nice enough, but they all seem a bit perturbed about having to train me, especially since none of us, myself included, know what shift I’ll be on normally, or what I was specifically hired on to do. Even though there are four of us in my department, and we all share the same title, we all do slightly different things, based on seniority. For instance, one girl has been there for four years, and she is very set in her ways, and has a routine, and knows everything about the activities inside and out, so she is always in charge of that. The second person on the shift, i.e. myself or one of the other newer girls, is more of a helper at meal times, and doing one-on-one time with the residents, etc. Their personalities and how they do the job is wildly different from person to person. It’s crazy.

This job is unlike any other job I’ve worked at, and I am feeling really overwhelmed, and a little out of place. I’m sure it will get better, but for now, I am a fish out of water, with sore feet, and who is really missing her little boy.

Thanks for reading, friends.




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