Three Line Tales | Visitation

Three Line Tales: Week 158

Photo via Robert Hickerson via Unsplash.

I walked in through the large, imposing doors with my grandparents, my head still foggy from falling asleep on the long drive into New Hampshire.
We checked in at the desk, and the man sitting there smiled at me, with a hint of sympathy in his eyes, and showed us where to wait.
Just as we sat down, another door opened, and for the first time in years, I saw my daddy again, as he was ushered into the prison visitation room.



Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

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