Where Have You Been?!

Hello, friends! It’s been a heckin’ number of months since my last blog post (if you can even call it that, they were mostly just dream journal entries), and the year is coming to a close, I thought it might be time to sit down and write about everything that’s happened since… February?! Yikes.

Where do I even start? This might be a long one, but I’ll try to cut it down.

In January of this year, after four years of doing the stay-at-home mom thing, I decided to jump back into the workforce since kiddo was in school full-time. I got a job working as an Activity Aide in a local nursing home, and I absolutely loved it. I worked part-time, spending my days doing various activities with the residents and providing one-on-one support and companionship to those who needed it. I made friends with some pretty awesome people as well, which felt nice after FOUR YEARS of isolation.

Then, on my literal birthday in April, I was offered a promotion to Social Services Director. It was insane. I was so happy, especially since I would be working “normal” hours, and getting a decent salary. A bit of foreshadowing here, but when all my coworkers, including the girl who was leaving the position, told me that it was a stressful job, I should have listened. To sum up my six months in the position as a department head: State was in our building every other week, I was yelled at almost daily, I had a distressing number of breakdowns and panic attacks in my office, I worked from home anywhere from one to four hours a night to make deadlines, I gained 20 pounds, I spent way too much money ordering delivery for lunch, I had an amazing officemate who eventually left and broke my heart, my position was constantly being blamed for everything as people tried to push their job responsibilities onto me, and I was eventually fired for some technical bullshit that literally affected nothing. So, that was that. Also, I’m now neighbors with my former boss… we’ll get to that in a minute.

Cut to October first of this year. WE GOT A HOUSE! Yep, after five years in that hell hole of an apartment (two days before we moved, I literally had to call the police twice in one day because our upstairs neighbor, fresh out of jail, was beating his very pregnant girlfriend), we finally moved into an absolutely gorgeous, fully renovated, 2-bedroom house. Well… we’re still renting, but our landlord and her boyfriend are super nice, and rent isn’t too bad! Unfortunately, just a week after we moved into this house, I lost my job, as mentioned above. It was devastating. Fortunately, I have still been doing freelance work on the side and was able to pick up a number of projects to keep us (barely) afloat. Things were tense in the house for a while though.

Oh, yeah, I’m also neighbors with my former boss. Ugh.

In November, after nearly a month of putting out dozens of applications, I landed a job interview at, you guessed it… Target! My third time with the company. I ended up getting hired on as a seasonal General Merchandiser, and have been getting some pretty decent hours. A lot of my old coworkers are still working there, which is really neat, but the management is 100% new, as is… well, pretty much everything else. A lot has changed in five years. Fortunately for me, I actually enjoy working in retail and love my job. I worked on Thanksgiving and Black Friday and managed to survive. We ended up just having pizza with Kyle’s mom and her new boyfriend on Thanksgiving night (we’re not going to talk about her divorce, or all the insanity happening in the family right now).

With Christmas looming ever closer, and the seasonal times coming to an end, I have a lot of anxiety over whether or not they will be keeping me on once the season ends. They only give you two weeks’ notice when they let you go, which is not nearly enough time to find a new job, especially with the job market being flooded with other post-seasonal folks getting laid off. I’m trying to stay positive, work my ass off, and build as many strong work relationships with my management and coworkers as I can… but the fear is there. I’m fairly certain my boss doesn’t like me at all, so, that’s neat.

I still edit part-time, as well as working retail, so things are finally financially stable again (*laughs nervously*). We bought a new Jeep Grand Cherokee this year as well, after selling our Jeep Patriot, and we love it. We still have our Lincoln (did I ever even talk about any of this?) and have been trying to sell it for months, with zero luck.

What else… oh, I know! I’ve developed a massive list of food allergies and intolerances over the last year, and everything sucks. I can no longer tolerate eggs, gluten, tomatoes, cow’s milk, red peppers, coffee, and overly oily foods… so, things are getting tough as far as, you know, eating and whatnot. I’ve lost about 12 pounds since starting this new job, but I’m constantly hungry and craving foods I can’t have, which is tough. I also started working out again recently, and feel sore and tired almost always. I also have sciatica and a sore back most days. Getting old sucks.

I didn’t intend to complain throughout this entire blog post, but honestly, 2019 was rough, and it can fuck right off. Today is one of my two days off this week, and I am spending it watching Smosh Games videos on YouTube, editing a large batch of articles for a client, and trying not to shovel foods into my mouth that will inevitably hurt me. Wish me luck!

I hope you’re all having a fantastic Thursday. Look for some dream journal entries in the near future, as I have a few stored in my phone to write up! Thanks for reading, friends!



Author: Super Jan

I'm just an introvert, trying to find where I fit in the world. Opinionated, slightly vulgar, and prone to crippling social anxiety. I am a casual gamer, retired podcaster, wannabe voice actor, newbie freelancer, Netflix binge-watcher, YouTube addict, and a mom just trying my best.

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