Dream Journal 8/19/18 | Send Nudes

Imagine this, but more like a house?

My son and I flew to Maine to visit with my grandfather, who I hadn’t seen in nearly 10 years. He had won some kind of lottery, and invited us to stay at his new, massive house. When we got there, I can only describe his house as looking like the Octopod from The Octonauts, only the base and “pods” were square, not round, and were made of wood and glass. It was really cool and modern looking. It that makes any sense.

When we went inside, the house was filled with people we didn’t know. Some guy came up to us, and handed me a letter. The letter was from my grandfather, and basically said that he was away on vacation, and had forgotten that we were coming to visit us. All of the people in the house were “house sitting”, and he said that we were welcome to stay as well. I was upset, but since the house was located in a beautiful area, I decided to stay. I took Liam through a long hallway, which led to a large, square room, with glass windows for walls. Each wall had a different, amazing view. Out of one window, we could see the ocean. Another had a view of snow capped mountains. The last two overlooked the city. One had a view of a large, green park, with lots of people. The final window looked out on a large amusement park.

I tried to take pictures, but my camera on my phone was broken, so some guy loaned me his. It was really small, about the size of a square on a rubix cube, and the pictures came out weird, so I gave it back to him, and left the large, glass room. I bumped into a girl in the hallway, and was shocked to discover that one of the “house sitters” was actually a good friend of mine from Illinois. We talked for a while, and she offered to let me borrow her phone to take pictures. We hugged, and parted ways for the time being.

My son and I left the house, and headed to the large, green park. I took a ton of pictures while we were there, but some of them were blurry, so I went into the photos to delete them. That’s when I saw that there were thousands of other pictures on the phone, and that they were all nude photos of my friend. I couldn’t help but scroll through them, before feeling embarrassed, and putting the phone back in my pocket. We went back to the house, and I gave her the phone back. I also apologized for seeing her nude photos. She just laughed, and told me she didn’t mind. She then told me that she sent photos of herself to hundreds of people, and often got paid to do so. She told me I could still use her phone, and I thanked her.

Then, she told me that if I needed any extra money, she knew someone who would pay me for pictures, because he had a thing for chubby girls who had had children. I got freaked out, and told her that was weird.

I remember something about getting a phone call from a guy that creeped me out…

And then, I woke up.


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