Daily Prompt 2/3/2016 | Voice Work

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt 2/3/2016 | Voice Work

“Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?”


Well, let me tell you, my friends. I’m a complicated, multi-faceted, fascinating, modest person, and my blog reflects this. I couldn’t possibly choose just one person narrate my audiobook, as there are just too many dimensions that need to be conveyed in specific tones. So, I picked three!

The phenomenal Anna Kendrick, my spirit animal, would narrate my “About Me” section, the majority of my day-to-day blogs, my occasional gaming blogs, as well as most of my baby blogs and reviews. Whenever I see her, she just radiates everything that I am. Anna was born just 20 minutes away from where I was (albeit 5 years before me), and I couldn’t trust the bulk of my “me” blogs to anyone but a fellow Mainer. Her mom’s name is even Janice! WHAT?! I’ve even been told that she is my (prettier) doppelganger. If I believed in any sort of fate or destiny, it would be that she is destined to narrate not just my audiobook, but my LIFE! She is intelligent, funny, laid back, loves food, is slightly awkward and adorable, and isn’t afraid to be herself. Despite nailing some pretty huge roles on the big screen, she hasn’t let fame change her, and I admire that so freaking much. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Next up, is Mr. John Oliver. John would be narrating any rant that I post on my blog, on any subject. Baby stuff, life stuff, family stuff, stupid people at the store… anything and everything. Have you seen this guy when he gets headed? He is captivating. He fills every rant and tangent with conviction, with passion. He is just so brilliant, and I think he could certainly do justice to my random bitching. Plus, a British accent just makes everything better, am I right?

And finally, the lovely Emma Stone. Emma is another person that I relate to on a deep, spiritual level. I’ve even been told on several occasions that I look like her as well, which is the most amazing thing that you could possibly say to me. Look at her, she’s freaking gorgeous! I’ve chosen Emma to narrate everything else on my blog, including my daily prompts, random prompts, poetry, and random blogs. Much like with Anna, I feel like she could do justice to my words, and portray my personality perfectly. And her voice… if I could listen to one person speak for the rest of my life, for whatever reason, in whatever form, I’d pick Emma Stone. In a heartbeat!

Thanks for reading, friends! Who would you pick to narrate your the audiobook version of your blog?