Yet Another Bad Neighbor Post…

Alright, friends. I need advice. Long rant ahead. Continue reading Yet Another Bad Neighbor Post…


Talking About Stress and Chaos for 30 Minutes | Vlog

I’ve had quite a day, my friends.

Quite. A. Day. Continue reading Talking About Stress and Chaos for 30 Minutes | Vlog

Dream Journal 8/6/17 | Bad Neighbor

I was sitting at my kitchen table with my son, as we dug into two, large bowls of cereal. I looked up, and saw water dripping from my ceiling, in the same place we had experienced a leak the first night we moved in, three years ago. Continue reading Dream Journal 8/6/17 | Bad Neighbor

Dream Journal 8/30/16

I was looking at a large apartment to rent with my friends Adara and Callie, who I hadn’t seen since high school. We decided to move out to California together to go back to school, though I’m not sure what for. Continue reading Dream Journal 8/30/16

Dream Journal 7/15/16 | Blood and Mold

[Dream #1]

I was in a large warehouse style store, and I was trying to pull something off of a shelf, and a ton of random stuff fell down on top of me. A bunch of people rushed over to pull me out of the pile, and when I came out, my face was covered in blood, and one of the workers started screaming that my eye was missing. I started to panic, but discovered that my eye wasn’t missing, it was actually cracked open, like it was made of glass. Continue reading Dream Journal 7/15/16 | Blood and Mold