Three Line Tales | A Wolf

Three Line Tales: Week 167

Photo by Jared Rice via Unsplash.

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Daily Inkling | Skimming It

Daily Inkling Prompt: Skimming It
“Find a book you’re not familiar with. Read the back cover synopsis, and skim a few of the pages. Then, tell us what happens in the book by filling in the gaps with your imagination.”

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Daily Inkling | Swarming Skies

Daily Inkling Prompt: Unidentified Flying Sound
You awake from your peaceful Sunday morning slumber to a terrifying sound you’ve never heard before. Aghast, you look around before realizing it’s coming from the sky. You look up. What is making that outlandish noise?Continue reading “Daily Inkling | Swarming Skies”

Dear Diary, Today Was Just A Normal Day…

January 12, 1999

31025_1284842000639_3089244_nDear Diary,
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30 Days of Video Games | Day 2: Into the Mists

Hello, friends! I’m back again to bring you Day 2 of A Geeky Gal’s 30 Day Video Game Challenge! I had a lot of fun writing yesterday’s post, and I hope you’re all enjoying this challenge as much as I am. I’d love to read your posts if you’re participating! Let’s get started with today’s question. Continue reading “30 Days of Video Games | Day 2: Into the Mists”

30 Days of Video Games | Day 1: From the Beginning

Hello, friends! As many of you reading this already know, a few months ago, I was involved in a really awesome, collaboration project called HYRULE: SEE THE SIGHTS! HEAR THE SOUNDS!, along with a bunch of other super talented, geeky folks. Well, we’re at it again! This time, writing about video games that made lasting impressions in our lives. And, boy oh boy, there are a lot of us writing this time around! Continue reading “30 Days of Video Games | Day 1: From the Beginning”