Dream Journal 7/29/17 | Tornado

I was on my way home, driving down the backroads in my town, when it suddenly started getting very dark outside. I looked out my window, and could see funnel clouds forming and touching town in the fields on all sides of my vehicle. They were pretty far from me, but I could see them tearing trees out of the ground, and throwing vehicles and debris through the air. I pulled over, and started taking pictures of the funnel clouds, and the destruction they were causing. Within minutes, the tornadoes funnels were closing in on me, and I ran back to my vehicle, and sped off.

I got back to my house, which resembled my childhood home in many ways, and grabbed Kyle and Liam. I told them that the tornadoes were on their way, and told them we had to get into the basement. Kyle informed me that we didn’t have a basement, but I ignored him, because I was tearing a grate up from the living room floor, and digging into the flooring, which had kind of turned into rock and dirt. I dug for a few minutes, all while excitedly telling Kyle about the pictures I took to send in to our local storm chasers, before breaking through the flooring, and into a small tunnel, barely enough to slide into. I climbed in, and kept digging furiously, until the dirt walls crumbled away, and opened up to a large, underground room, that kind of resembled a dungeon.

Kyle and Liam crawled into the hole after me, and joined me under the house. The walls of the room were made of stone, and despite being underground, and under the house, there were large, glassless, barred windows on the walls, and wiry grates above us, where we could see the outside. I could hear the rumbling and howling of nearby tornadoes, and ran over to a bunker door at the far end of the dungeon room. I opened it, and called Kyle and Liam over. On the other side of the room was a short set of stairs, which led to a massive, underground bunker, that resembled a library, or some kind of mancave.

The room was warmly furnished, and looked clean, despite what I expect was years and years of neglect. There was a roaring fire in the fireplace, and we spread out to begin exploring, forgetting about the severe weather outside. The electricity was on, and there were lamps and lights everywhere. There were huge bookshelves along the walls, filled with thick books, with topics ranging from UFOs and aliens, to biochemistry, to Shakespeare. Liam was sitting on a brown, leather couch, playing with a globe, and Kyle was digging into a small mini fridge in the corner, which was stocked full of bottled water. I joked about how this room was nicer than our whole house, and he agreed.

I opened a box that had been sitting on a table, and pulled out a long strand of thick, green garland, and began hanging it around the room.

And then I woke up.


DIY Learning For Toddlers By Mamiblock

Hello, friends! A friend linked this video last night via Facebook, and after watching it several times (and checking out a bunch of other videos on the Mamiblock YouTube channel), I decided that I had to share it with anyone who might be reading this! There are so many cool things! Don’t let the German scare you away, the videos are still pretty easy to follow.

These simple, inexpensive DIY projects are fantastic for teaching tiny toddlers and young children a range of skills, including counting, telling time, the alphabet, and writing. They look like so much fun, and I am definitely looking forward to trying these out in the near future, now that Liam will be turning one in 10 days!

I love finding channels like Mamiblock, and you should definitely check out the whole channel, as they have tons of videos on cool ways to make your life with baby a little easier, and more fun, like exercise, meal ideas, baking, and so many more crafty things. I hope this inspires a few of you as much as it inspired me. I’m so hyped to try some of these!

Thanks for reading!


Daily Prompt 1/13/2016 | Invisibility

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt 1/13/2016 | Now You See Me

“You have a secret superpower: the ability to appear and disappear at will. When and where will you use this new superpower? Tell us a story.”

Are we talking a bad ass cloak, or an actual power? I want a cloak!

I’d like to think that I’m mature enough to only use the power of invisibility for good, but I know myself too well. Sure, I’ll stop all of the random robberies on the street that I see, and scare the crap out of mean kids that I see bullying others… but knowing me, I’ll also track down people who bullied me and my friends in school, maybe pull their pants down in public or something…

I probably wouldn’t commit any crimes for myself, like robbing a bank, or stealing priceless artifacts from museums, because I feel like having this power wouldn’t change who I am as a person, and that I would still have all of my morals. With that being said, I might take jobs doing related things for wealthy people, where I don’t ask any questions, do as I’m told, remain ignorant, and make enough money to live well. I’d make one hell of a super spy, that’s for sure.

And just think about how amazing you would be as a journalist, or a reporter of some sort, if you could go anywhere, at any time, and get recordings and photographs of anything you wanted. That would be amazing. Think of all of the horrible, corrupt people that you could take down, all of the truths and lies that you could reveal. You could do amazing things for the world, and right so many wrongs!

I think what I would love the most, is sneaking onto planes, trains, boats, etc., and traveling the world. I could visit countless countries, taking incredible, footage and close-ups of animals that don’t normally interact well with humans, without fear of being mauled or eaten. What an experience.

In my scenario, of course, that anyone I’m touching would also turn invisible, as long as we are touching, so that I could bring my son and fiance around the world with me. That would be amazing, albeit a bit tricky.

The possibilities to do good and explore are endless, but the possibilities do go not-so-good and make a bit of profit are tempting as well. Maybe dabble in a bit of both? Hmm.

Thanks for reading, friends. What would you do?