Dream Journal 12/6/15

Present day.

It was the middle of the night, and I was asleep on the couch, when I was awakened by Kyle turning on the light, and ripping my blankets off of me. He told me that I needed to get my bedding stuff off of the couch because he was trading it for another couch, and the guy was going to be at the apartment any minute. He also told me to get the vacuum and clean the living room.

I was confused, tired, and angry. I started to argue with him, because he never even talked about it with me, and the couch was MY bed. He ignored my anger, and the man eventually showed up, knocking loudly on our door.

He had already pulled the couch into the hallway, and seemed very impatient. I looked at the couch, and got even angrier. It was a small, black, 3-piece couch, made of some kind of suede material. It was hideous, and much smaller than our current couch. And it was in pieces. It had unrealistic, boxy edges, and honestly didn’t even look like a couch at all. Kyle lifted up one of the segments, and a few dozen nails, screws, and nuts fell to the floor. They were all different colors and sizes, and the guy told us that he had no idea what they went to. I turned to Kyle and started yelling at him again about how horrible the couch was, and that there was no way we were trading our huge, leather couch for it.

I told the guy that he needed to take his ugly couch and leave. He walked out the door, leaving the couch behind in our hallway. I continued to argue with Kyle, but he had nothing to say. I told him that he needed to get rid of the crappy couch, since the guy had left it, but he refused, and walked away. I tried to pick up one of the couch segments, but it was too heavy for me to lift by myself. I went to find Kyle, but he must have left the apartment, because he was nowhere. I went back to the hallway, and the guy had come back, and was trying to drag our good couch out the door. I pushed him down, screaming at him to leave. He started yelling back at me, calling me a bitch, saying he was going to come back with more guys. I shut the door in his face.

I locked the door, and tried to push our couch back into the living room, so that I could go back to sleep. I stepped on the pile of nails and screws that were still on the ground, and blood started pouring out of my food. I started crying, and tried to hobble to the bathroom, leaving a trail of blood behind me. I started sobbing loudly, and said something out loud about not getting our deposit back for the apartment because of the blood on the carpet.

I sat on the toilet and tried to wipe the blood off of my foot.

And then I woke up.

Dream Journal 9/29/15

I picked up a bag of apples, Kyle cracked a joke about something stupid, and I took one of the apples out and threw it at him. The apple missed him, and hit a random woman. The apple hit her in the head, but she didn’t even notice and kept walking, like it had hit a cement wall.

I woke up in the middle of the night and went to the fridge to get some milk, but my milk wasn’t there. I looked around and saw the carton sitting on the table, and I got upset because that meant Kyle drank it all. I drink soy milk, but he drinks regular milk, so I was upset because he still had his own milk. I picked up the carton to throw it away and realized that it was still half-full. I opened it and for some reason, even though it had only been sitting out for a little while, it was completely curdled, which was… weird.

I threw it away and went into Kyle’s room and started yelling at him, and I punched him and told him we had to go and get milk right now because I was thirsty. Mama needs her soy milk.

So we went to the store and stood in the parking lot arguing, but not about the milk. We were arguing about about some guy in a  blue car who was riding us all the way to the store, and Kyle had gotten angry and flipped him off, and I got scared because the guy seemed crazy. So we were arguing about road rage and stuff.

Then we were in the store, and the sun was shining outside now, and Liam was sitting in the cart looking around, and we were doing real grocery sopping. I picked up a bag of apples, Kyle cracked a joke about something stupid, and I took one of the apples out and threw it at him. The apple missed him, and hit a random woman. The apple hit her in the head, but she didn’t even notice and kept walking, like it had hit a cement wall. We just stood there staring for a while until she was gone.

All we bought were apples and around 500 cans of soup… no milk. Then we went to a RedBox machine that was outside the front doors, which was broken and smoking, but the screen still worked, and we got two really awful sounding horror films to watch. As we were walking away the RedBox machine caught on fire, and no one seemed to notice.

Then we were back in our apartment, and it was dark out, and we all went to bed, but I couldn’t sleep because I could hear a dog barking, or two dogs fighting or something.

And then I woke up.