Preparing For My Mom’s Visit

Hello, friends. I’m currently stressing out. So hard. Continue reading “Preparing For My Mom’s Visit”


Yet Another ER Visit

Hello, friends. Today has been a fucking day, let me tell ya. Continue reading “Yet Another ER Visit”

Feeling Like A Zombie

Hello, friends. I’m currently waiting to hear back about an interview for a copywriting position that I applied for this morning, so I thought I’d share some life stuff with you. Specifically, stuff from this week. Continue reading “Feeling Like A Zombie”

Little Brother

My family is… complex, to say the least. I have a handful of step-siblings, and a handful of half-siblings, some of which I’m not even related to, by blood or by marriage. It’s just easier to give them the title, rather than explain how exactly they are a part of my life. Continue reading “Little Brother”