Daily Prompt 7/5/2016 | Layers

My layers make me who I am, and I am pretty damn awesome.

[In response to The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt 7/5/2016 | Layers]

“We live beneath many layers. Some are for our protection, and some are for our control.” ~ Russell Eric Dobda Continue reading “Daily Prompt 7/5/2016 | Layers”

Discover Challenge | Origin Story

The Daily Post Discover Challenge | Origin Story

I am from Fraggle Rock
from finger paints and pictures on the fridge
I am from the trailer in the middle of the woods
from carnations in the garden
and from dandelions in the front yard
which always seemed more beautiful to me.

I am from lazy Christmas mornings and a love of words
from a single mom, who worked too hard
I am from lies, bickering, and broken promises
from “Clean your room.” and “Leave me alone, I’m tired.”
I am from a religion I once believed in
from statues of the Virgin Mary that always gave me nightmares.

I am from Maine, with Europe in my blood
from snow forts and ice castles
I am from a warm kitchen
from canned soup, spicy chicken, and chocolate cake
From an addicted, homeless father
who was never there for me as a child.

I am from the footsteps
washed away with changing tides
but that left a deep impression.


Daily Prompt 2/9/2016 | Stats

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt 2/9/2016 | The Stat Connection

“Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.”

Hello, friends! For today’s prompt, I did a little digging through my stats for 2016 and 2016, and discovered that the following are my top 5 posts on my blog. My top pages were actually my Home/Archives page, as well as my About Me page, but I don’t count those as posts. I’m actually not that surprised by these results, as I’ve noticed that my personal blogs, as opposed to my prompt posts or reviews, tend to get a bit more attention and feedback. Here are my top 5 posts, with links and descriptions, in case anyone wants to check them out:

1) My Thoughts On First Birthdays
Exactly what the title states. My son was creeping up on his first birthday, and I was feeling a lot of pressure from society, and family, to throw him a big bash. Spoiler alert: I had other ideas.

2) Sinking Ships
A complete stranger attacked my parenting via Twitter, after following the leads of two of my so-called-friends, who had been sub-tweeting about me that morning, all over a completely innocent tweet, which was taken out of context, and blown out of proportion. It got heated. Spoiler alert: I’m an awesome mom.

3) 15 Facts About Me!
Just some more fun with my Twitter followers, involving a graphic, some hearts, and some fun facts about yours truly. There was even a Part 2! Spoiler alert: I’m not very interesting.

4) Most Terrifying Experience of My Life. WTF!
Just another day in the life of living in shitty apartments. Yellow jackets burrowed into my apartment, and my neighbor had to come rescue Liam and I. Spoiler alert: Yellow jacks are assholes.

5) Why I Chose to Leave WoW
World of Warcraft has played an unimaginably large part in my life, and after many years of playing, I say goodbye (for now?). Spoiler alert: Sad post is sad.

So there you have it! If you normally read my daily prompts, or my baby blogs, and want to get to know a bit more about what goes on behind the screen, I would suggest checking those out. I lead a verrry interesting life (no, not really).

Thanks for reading, friends!


Daily Prompt 2/3/2016 | Voice Work

The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt 2/3/2016 | Voice Work

“Your blog is about to be recorded into an audiobook. If you could choose anyone — from your grandma to Samuel L. Jackson — to narrate your posts, who would it be?”


Well, let me tell you, my friends. I’m a complicated, multi-faceted, fascinating, modest person, and my blog reflects this. I couldn’t possibly choose just one person narrate my audiobook, as there are just too many dimensions that need to be conveyed in specific tones. So, I picked three!

The phenomenal Anna Kendrick, my spirit animal, would narrate my “About Me” section, the majority of my day-to-day blogs, my occasional gaming blogs, as well as most of my baby blogs and reviews. Whenever I see her, she just radiates everything that I am. Anna was born just 20 minutes away from where I was (albeit 5 years before me), and I couldn’t trust the bulk of my “me” blogs to anyone but a fellow Mainer. Her mom’s name is even Janice! WHAT?! I’ve even been told that she is my (prettier) doppelganger. If I believed in any sort of fate or destiny, it would be that she is destined to narrate not just my audiobook, but my LIFE! She is intelligent, funny, laid back, loves food, is slightly awkward and adorable, and isn’t afraid to be herself. Despite nailing some pretty huge roles on the big screen, she hasn’t let fame change her, and I admire that so freaking much. I want to be like her when I grow up!

Next up, is Mr. John Oliver. John would be narrating any rant that I post on my blog, on any subject. Baby stuff, life stuff, family stuff, stupid people at the store… anything and everything. Have you seen this guy when he gets headed? He is captivating. He fills every rant and tangent with conviction, with passion. He is just so brilliant, and I think he could certainly do justice to my random bitching. Plus, a British accent just makes everything better, am I right?

And finally, the lovely Emma Stone. Emma is another person that I relate to on a deep, spiritual level. I’ve even been told on several occasions that I look like her as well, which is the most amazing thing that you could possibly say to me. Look at her, she’s freaking gorgeous! I’ve chosen Emma to narrate everything else on my blog, including my daily prompts, random prompts, poetry, and random blogs. Much like with Anna, I feel like she could do justice to my words, and portray my personality perfectly. And her voice… if I could listen to one person speak for the rest of my life, for whatever reason, in whatever form, I’d pick Emma Stone. In a heartbeat!

Thanks for reading, friends! Who would you pick to narrate your the audiobook version of your blog?