Dream Journal 8/19/18 | Nudes?!


My son and I flew to Maine to visit with my grandfather, who I hadn’t seen in nearly 10 years. Continue reading “Dream Journal 8/19/18 | Nudes?!”

Mom’s Visit 2018 | Day 6

Hello, friends! We are officially caught up on all of the mom posts, because this one is actually being written on the day it happened! I am so proud of myself! Continue reading “Mom’s Visit 2018 | Day 6”

Dream Journal 8/7/17 | Surprise!

Kyle and I were eating lunch in a large, beautiful park with his older sister. The three of us were sitting at a wooden picnic table, and she casually mentioned that their younger sister, and her boyfriend, were on their way to Mexico. Continue reading “Dream Journal 8/7/17 | Surprise!”