Super Specific Liebster Award!

Hello, friends! Life has been pretty crazy as of late, and I know that my blog has just been sitting here, collecting oodles and oodles of dust. For that, I apologize. I’ve been doing a lot of working out, cleaning, freelance work, and potty training lately (my son, not me, obviously), and time just keeps slipping away from me. Continue reading “Super Specific Liebster Award!”


Small Stones | 8/2/16

I stood in front the¬†refrigerator, searching. The¬†fridge was nearly empty. My stomach growled again, and I reached for a bottle, nestled between the mustard and the Sriracha. Zesty Italian dressing is no substitute for olive oil, but it was really all I had. Continue reading “Small Stones | 8/2/16”

Small Stones | 8/1/16

Every day, throughout the month of August, I will be participating in a fun writing experiment, known as Small Stones.

His hands were shaking, as he inspected each of his fingers, trying to remember the last place I pricked him. Continue reading “Small Stones | 8/1/16”