Daily Prompt 1/9/2016 | No Use Crying Over Spilled Tea

Daily Prompt 1/9/2016 | Worst Case Scenario

“Of all the awful possibilities, what’s the worst possible thing that could happen to you today? Now, what about the best?”

I needed this prompt today. Boy, did I need this prompt.

This day has started off terribly. I got very little sleep last night, due to my 11.5 month old’s teething and sleep regression. I was up nearly every hour. I’ve been spoiled by this child and his amazing sleep habits, so this has been rough for me. I finally got us up for the day around 7, and have faced fit after fit from my little guy, as I have been trying to keep the “grown up” things away from him (i.e. PS4 controller, remote, my phone). He wants nothing to do with his own toys today.

Kyle came home from work early today. And by early, I mean 10 hours early. He has two jobs, and this particular one is in a distribution center, Sat-Mon, from 6a-6p. Pretty good money usually. Apparently, they’ve been slow since the end of the holiday season, and are expected to be slow all weekend, so they sent a handful of people home, including Kyle, who is still relatively new to the company. So there’s over $130 lost from this paycheck already. This is a pretty big bummer for us, as we were already pretty tight on money.

He also surprised me by running to Walmart to pick up a few things after work, including a gallon of iced tea for me, since I completely ran out of drinkable things yesterday. I took it out of the fridge to pour a glass, and proceeded to drop it, shattering the top, and flooding my entire kitchen/dining area with a FULL gallon of iced tea.


Did I mention I was also in the process of cooking breakfast on the stove for a fussy, hungry baby? Yup.

Then, I discovered that we were out of paper towels (the horror!), and had to use all of our bath towels (we only have 4 of them), and 2 washcloths, to contain the tea. After the towels and cloths were thoroughly soaked, I mopped the floor with my Swiffer. Twice. Now there are soggy, sticky towels in my bathtub, as I don’t have a freaking washer and dryer either.

So, yeah. This day is going swimmingly!

But… with all of this having been said… it could be so much worse.

*deep breaths*

Dealing with teething and sleep regression is frustrating… but my son is healthy. He is healthy, and smart, and so perfect. He is the happiest, funniest baby, and he fills my life with so much light and love. This will pass.

Kyle got sent home early, and we lost some money from this paycheck… but at least he has a job (TWO jobs) and is able to provide for the three of us, so that I can stay home and raise our son during this crucial time in his life. We make enough money now, to where we no longer need government assistance for food or formula, and even after buying these things ourselves, we have plenty left over for bills, or anything else that might pop up.

I spilled a gallon of tea on the floor… but it was just a few dollars lost, and only took a few minutes from my day to clean up. Since Kyle is home today, we will just run to the laundromat for an unexpected laundry trip, and have extra, clean clothes for the rest of the week.

Do I wish this day had gone differently? Yup. You bet. But, it could have been worse. My son could be sick. I could be sick. We could have nothing in the bank. Kyle could have gotten laid off. We could be in debt. My apartment could have caught on fire. A tornado could have ripped through our town. So many awful things could have happened…

But we are fine. We are all just fine.

Things are good. I just need to take a step back and remember these things whenever I have days like this, where I want to give up and cry. I just have to remember that, although the last few years have felt like living in nonstop, spiraling chaos… things are stable now, and I need to not worry and stress so much.

There is no use crying over spilled tea.

But, if anyone out there should win the lottery, remember your good friend, Jan, okaaay? That would be splendid! 😉

Thanks for reading.