Behind the Screen

Hello, friends! You can call me Jan.

I’m just your every day, average, opinionated, somewhat boring, 20-something living in a rural area of the US. I’m currently a stay-at-home mom to the most amazing, brilliant little boy, who I’ll probably be writing about quite a bit. I just can’t help it. Sorry!

Feel free to browse through my menu section, where I’ve conveniently sorted my life into categories for you, just to make things easier!

I’m also a casual gamer, retired World of Warcraft podcaster, wannabe writer, lover of books, Netflix junkie, YouTube binge-watcher, social media warrior, and an offline introvert with a slightly addictive personality. I’m complicated.

Within these posts are the experiences and ramblings of my life. Dream journal entries, daily prompts, short stories, photography and writing challenges, baby things, gaming things, rants, etc. I’ve got a lot to say, if you’re willing to lend an eyeball or two.

I am a proud LGBTQ+ and anti-bullying advocate, and will not tolerate or accept any form of bullying or maliciousness on this blog, so find something better to do with your time. All comments are moderated, but most make it through. I’m always up for trading links, opinions, and stories, and love making new friends! Stop by and say ‘hello’!

Thanks for reading!


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