Gym Blog | Day 24

PSA: If you’re at the gym, and there are other people there, don’t bring your own bluetooth speakers in and blast your garbage music so loud that it drowns out the overhead radio and pisses off everyone within a mile of the building, jackass!

I managed to make it to the gym tonight for a quick workout, which was desperately needed after the shitty day I had (not getting into it, just take my work for it, it was not great). I got to the gym around 7:30, after putting kiddo to bed, and I was the only one in the entire gym when I got there. I started with 10 minutes on the recumbent bike, which was not the best idea, because I had just had dinner an hour beforehand, and my thighs kept hitting my stomach, and kind of made me want to die. I like doing the bike, because I can just chill out and watch YouTube, while sitting on my ass. It’s so great. Just… not right after I eat.

After the bike, I did 1 set of 25 steps on the plyo box, standing side bends with the kettlebell, 2 sets of 25 penguin crunches, and 10 leg raises.

Now, right around this time, another person walked into the gym. A guy that I had seen a handful of times before. He has pretty huge arms, and always lifts weights. Very noisily, might I add, but that never bothers me, because it is a gym after all.

No, what bothered me on this particular night, while I was quietly sweating my ass off, trying to do my thing, was that when he walked over to lift, he set down his phone, along with his bluetooth fucking speakers, and proceeded to BLAST his own, shitty music so loudly that it completely drowned out both the gym’s radio, which isn’t exactly on low volume, as well as the music I had feeding directly into my fucking ears.


At first, I thought, he must have somehow missed that there was another person there, even though he looked RIGHT at me in the mirror when he walked past, because no person could be this much of a douche, right?

Well, when I walked over to the weights area to do some bent-over rows and supersets, I stood right next to him and his obnoxious music, and he didn’t even bat an eye. He really had zero consideration to the fact that there were other people there. Coooool.

Whatever. He did have the courtesy to change the song when some particularly raunchy lyrics started playing while I was standing near him, so I guess he has about a pinky nail’s worth of consideration in him. What a freaking gentleman.

I finished my rows and supersets, and headed back over to my little spot to do some squats, bicep curls with the 15-pound resistance band, then finished off my workout with some quadruped exercises.

Then, I got the hell out of there, because that dude had totally killed my mood, and I kind of felt like throwing a weight at his head. Ugh.

Anyway, that’s it. I’m off to ice my thumb, because I somehow managed to burst a blood vessel right on the joint, and it is all bruised and painful.

Thanks for reading! Feel free to check out all of my previous #gymblogs to read about my adventures in trying to get my ass back in shape. Literally.



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