Mom’s Visit 2018 | Day 6

Hello, friends! We are officially caught up on all of the mom posts, because this one is actually being written on the day it happened! I am so proud of myself!

Today was another chill day for us. Kyle had to work this afternoon, so we decided to stay close to town with our adventures. Also, there’s not much left to do in our area, since we’re in such a rural location. And we’re now running out of money. Oops.

Mom came over around 10:00, right after breakfast, and we decided to take Liam to the mall play area for a little while. Once we got there, we discovered that our mall currently has a tent in the parking lot, which is filled with animals, and it has free entry, so we checked it out. There were llamas, alpacas, goats, a baby cow, a few ponies (which you could ride for a few bucks) a camel (which you could also ride for a few more bucks), a kangaroo, a few monkeys, a lynx, a lion cub, and a white tiger (which was gorgeous, but you had to pay $1 per person to go into her separate tent to see her, which we did). You could also pay money to take a picture with either a monkey, the kangaroo, or the lion cub.

We dished out a whopping $20 to take a picture with the baby monkey, Jazz. It came out cute, but it was a hassle, because Liam was getting nervous and didn’t want to look at the weird dude who was behind the camera, and the baby monkey just wanted to play, and didn’t want to take pictures. But, we got one, and it was a cute memory.


Afterwards, we went to the play area, and Liam played until around lunchtime. We drove to Kyle’s sister’s house to drop off a few shirts for his brother-in-law (yes, the ones that I bought that were way too small for Kyle), and to visit Liam’s grandfather for a minute, hit up Walmart for a few things, and dropped Kyle off at home so he could go to work.

Mom and I grabbed some iced coffees and donuts at Dunkin Donuts, then took Liam to one of his favorite parks for a while. Today was another absolutely gorgeous day, and we took so many cute pictures of him playing for my mom’s collection of photos.

After the park, we went to visit Kyle at work for a few minutes, so he could get some Liam love before bedtime, and then we came home. I put on Coco for my mom and Liam while I made spaghetti and garlic bread for dinner. Unfortunately, Liam didn’t want to watch Coco afterall, so we ended up watching Moana again. My mom didn’t mind, because she loves that movie now, and she cried several more times.

She left right after the movie ended, and kiddo went straight to bed. Tomorrow is her last day in Illinois. We’re going out for breakfast first thing in the morning, then she is hopping on her flight, and heading back to Maine. It was a really nice visit overall. I am so glad that Liam finally took to her, and showed her all kinds of love. I’m also glad that we were able to have more fun, adventures this time around, and take a ton of pictures to hold her over until we can arrange our next visit. We’re thinking of going up there in a few years to visit, if we haven’t already moved¬†up there by that time. We’ll see.

So, we say goodbye tomorrow, and I already know she is going to cry her eyes out. We’ll miss her.

Anyway, I need to go lay down. It’s getting late, and this week has completely drained me. Also, my PMS is in full swing, so I’m not feeling the best (TMI, sorry).

Thanks for reading, friends.



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