Dream Journal 6/7/17 | Millionaire

One morning, I woke up and discovered that I had somehow gained telekinetic powers. After a brief moment of freaking out, I decided that I was not going to tell Kyle, or anyone else for the matter, and instead immediately went to buy a PowerBall ticket.

That night, when they were picking numbers, I used my powers to make the balls with the numbers I had chosen land in the picker’s hand, and I won.

I had won 380 MILLION dollars.

I went home, and immediately began selling everything I owned, and waited for Kyle to get home. When he walked in the door, he started to panic, asking where all of our stuff was. I told him the news, and he fainted, in the most dramatic, hilarious fashion.

I never used my powers after that, for some reason.

Cut to a few weeks later. We were living in a large, beautiful house in our town, well within our price range, and Kyle had a brand new truck. We still had not told a soul that we won all this money. I had started meeting with a really nice woman at a nearby country club, and she gave me tips and tricks on how to invest my money and grow it. Within just those couple weeks, I had already grown our fortune by over 100 million dollars.

One night, Kyle, Liam, and I took a selfie together while sitting in our entertainment room, complete with movie theatre, and uploaded it to Facebook. His mom commented and asked where we were, and I casually responded that we were at home. She thought I was joking, and asked again. Again, I told her we were home. She then messaged me, confused, and I told her about the money that we had come into. She was shocked, and angry that we had hidden it from her for as long as we had, and I felt bad.

We had intended to tell everyone, but we were taking a minute to settle in, and get our life back on track after all of the major changes we underwent all at once. To make it up to her, Kyle and I bought her a new house, and threw a large, family party, where we told everyone the news.

The next day, someone leaked it to the paper, and we had people knocking on our doors, and calling our phones, all day long. So we bought new phones, and put up a large gate. Crowds of people would gather around our gate, taking pictures of our home, as if it were the White House or something.

The last thing I remember was Kyle leaving for work, and someone had keyed the word “CUNT” into the side of his truck, for some reason, so we were talking about hiring security, or possibly moving to another town where people did not know us.

And then I woke up.

Dream Journal 5/19/17 | Apocalyptic… Heroes?

Another zombie apocalypse dream.

I was living in Chicago, and the zombie apocalypse was already in full swing. I was camped out in the top floor of a large, abandoned apartment complex, along with Kyle, our friend, Joe, our son (who was now 5 or 6 years old), and some blonde girl, who was apparently Joe’s girlfriend. Outside, there were still people going on about their lives, but the city was overrun with zombies. Cars, houses, buildings, etc. were all just boarded up and armored, but people were still living.

An armored van pulled up in front of our van, and we all piled in. There were other people in the van, and we all greeted each other. The man driving the van told us that he had found a sporting goods store that was completely abandoned, but still had a bunch of stuff inside, and he proposed that we all go on a shopping spree before we go out on the road. Apparently, we were going on some sort of road trip, out of the city. Another girl in the van argued that we shouldn’t waste time and gas on pointless shopping trips, unless we were going after more weapons and ammo, but the others disagreed with her.

As we drove toward our destination, zombies lined the roads, and turned lazily to follow our van. They didn’t seem to bother us much, since they were moving so slowly. We pulled into a large, empty parking lot in front of an empty strip mall. There was a large sporting goods store, with boarded up windows, and barbed wire across the door. We all climbed out of the van, and walked toward the building, circling around to cover each other against potential attacks. There were zombies in the distance, but they all stayed by the roads, too preoccupied with the other passing cars.

Kyle and Joe pried back a few boards to look inside. There were full racks and bins still inside the store, as if it had never been touched. Excitedly, we broke down the door, rushed in, and started filling our arms and backpacks with merchandise. We were all laughing and cracking jokes, when suddenly, a voice shouted out to us. We turned around to see another group of people standing in the doorway, blocking our exit. We were evenly numbered, but they were armed to the teeth, and scary looking.

A woman stepped forward, telling us she was in charge, and that we were in their territory. Confused, we told her that we didn’t think there were any territories, since there were still a lot of people living in the city, and everyone just goes wherever they please. She explained to us that they control half of the city, and that the barbed wire on the door was their signature, and that we should stay away from any buildings with it.

The driver from our van apologized sarcastically, and told her that we were on our way out. She demanded we leave behind all of the stuff we were taking, and he told her to fuck off. Suddenly, we were all at each other’s throats. Fists flying, gun shots, the sounds of screams, blood splattering around the room. We managed to fight our way through the other group, and made it back to our van in one piece, with minimal injuries.

We sped away from the building, the other group did not follow. We began looking through our loot, as we drove through a particularly rough part of the city. Buildings were burned and crumbling, and dead bodies and zombies were everywhere. There was also a really weird, floating waterfall in the middle of a manmade reservoir, that didn’t really belong. We kept going, mowing down everything in our path with our armored van. Suddenly, there was a blinding light, and our van cale to an immediate stop.

We all gathered in the front of the van to see what was, and standing in front of the van were the people from the other group. They were dressed in neon spandex, masks, and capes, and were all hovering in the air. We got out of the van, leaving all of our weapons behind, and the same leader woman from before demanded that we leave the city and never come back . Joe and his girlfriend started to argue with them, and another spandex-wearing guy from the group shot lasers from his eyes, vaporizing them instantly. We all screamed out, and they all began firing lasers at us.

We scrambled back to the van, and tried to get away, but our van wouldn’t start. I started telling the others that we should negotiate with them, and maybe they would let us leave the city alive…

And then I woke up.


Dream Journal 2/2/17 | At the Mall

I was at the mall with Liam and my mother-in-law. We were sitting in the food court, when a woman approached us, and asked if we could watch her daughter for a few minutes. Before I could answer, she rushed off, leaving her stroller, and her little girl, with us. Complete strangers. My MIL and myself stood there, looking around for the mother, but she had vanished. We decided to stay in the food court with the little girl, and wait for the mother to come back. She started to fuss, and I handed her some of my french fries, which calmed her down, but she kept looking around, probably for her mother.

The woman eventually came back, and asked if we could take her daughter to the bathroom to change her. I immediately said no, and told her that she was insane for leaving her daughter with complete strangers in a mall while she ran off to do whatever she was doing. I told her that I wasn’t going to watch her daughter for her. She paused for a moment, then turned and ran from us. I called after her, but she was gone. My MIL got out her phone to call the police, but right when she started dialing, another woman came up to us, and asked if we could watch her daughter for her. I started to protest, but the woman would not let me talk. She was holding onto a stroller, which was facing away from us, and began rattling off information about her child. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was that she mentioned her daughter was 10 years old, but when she said it, she motioned to the stroller.

Frustrated, I told her that I had to take the other little girl to the bathroom to change her, but when I said that, the woman got angry, and told me that her daughter could not be around other kids, and that she was uncomfortable with me taking her into the bathroom with the toddler. Confused, I told the woman that I WAS NOT going to watch her daughter for her, and told her to leave us alone. She turned and walked off, but left the stroller with us. My MIL was still on the phone with the police, or whoever, and was shouting at them impatiently. I looked into the stroller to see a girl, definitely older than 10 years old, staring back at me with a pissed off expression. She climbed out of the stroller, and I pegged her age at around 15 or 16 years old. She was tall. Taller than me.

I rolled my eyes, angry that the girl was still here, and picked up the toddler girl. I started to walk toward the bathrooms, when the older girl started shrieking and stomping her feet, throwing some kind of tantrum. I looked around, and everyone was staring at us. Several people were taking out their phones to start recording. I went to the girl and asked her what her problem was. She laughed, and ran away. Not wanting the mother to be angry with me for losing her kid, I handed the toddler to my MIL, and chased her.

I chased her throughout the mall, until we got to a long corridor, lined with elevator doors. I watched her run through a set of doors, just before they closed, and watched to see which floor she was going to. As I waited, I started mumbling to myself about how crazy the mothers were, and how crazy this girl was. The floors went all the way up to 20, and of course, that’s where she was going.

My phone started ringing, it was my MIL, and I answered. I couldn’t hear what she said to me, but I calmly turned away from the elevator doors, and walked back to the food court. The mother of the older girl was waiting for me, along with the police. She was in cuffs. The police explained that this was all some sort of con that she and her daughter ran, and somehow they stole money from people in the process. The officer also said that they had her daughter on the 20th floor, and that they had been watching them all day. I thanked them for detaining them, and mentioned the toddler girl, whose mother still had not come back, but he only shrugged.

They left, having gotten who they came for, and I was left standing in the food court with someone else’s child. We sat there for hours. The mall cleaned out, and I could see through the skylights that it had gotten dark. The little girl’s mother was not coming back. My MIL was on the phone with the police again, shouting at them. Both toddlers were asleep in their strollers. A security guard came over and asked us to leave, and when we explained the situation, he said that no one else was left in the building, but said we could leave the little girl with him until the police showed up. I looked at the little girl, and started crying. We left her, still sleeping in her stroller, with the security guard at the mall, and left.

My phone was ringing in my hand, but I wasn’t answering it. Liam was awake now, and was on his grandmother’s shoulders, while I pushed the stroller out the mall doors. The sun was out again, despite it being dark only minutes before, and my MIL started talking about going to Baker Lake park, one of our favorite nearby parks.

I vaguely remember the park, and the lake, and that my phone kept ringing through the rest of the dream.

And then I woke up.

Dream Journal 11/21/16 | The Restaurant

It was my first day of work. The restaurant was small, and didn’t look like any restaurant I had ever seen. It had a dark, bar vibe… but also felt kind of like a cafe.  Continue reading Dream Journal 11/21/16 | The Restaurant

Dream Journal 9/26/16 | Missing Baby

I was lying in a hospital bed, screaming in pain. A friend from high school was sitting by my side, as we waited for the doctor. A nurse came in and asked me if I knew how far along I was. Confused, I asked her what she meant, and she informed me that I was pregnant, and pretty far along. Continue reading Dream Journal 9/26/16 | Missing Baby